Monday, 5 August 2013

Justice in Ghana: Will Pastor Marvin Brown, also known as ‘Prince Mark’, leader of the New Jerusalem Religion at Tema Community 4 be prosecuted for rape and manslaughter or will he walk like other sooooooooo called ‘men of God’?

Paulina says: I remember years ago when I used to go to a predominantly Ghanaian church based in Edmonton north London –which has now moved to a bigger venue in Wood Green also in north London -there was a man of about 36/37 who was always driving around with a young boy whose single mother was an elder in the church…

It was odd to me and a friend that a grown man would want to hang around with a young boy but as his mother seemed Ok with it –who was I or my social worker friend to question it.

Years later it came out (very loud and clear) that the man had been grooming and raping the young boy and was now banished from the church…

I don’t know if the church and pastor pushed for the man in question to be prosecuted …only that the mother and son left the church –and the perpetrator was never seen again ---

I pray that perpetrator isn’t slivering around another church surrounded by parents who are ever trusting, some sooooo tired from working three jobs plus a cleaning job (as and when they are needed)  –and are sooooo happy to be rid of their children –that they don’t take time to know the adults in question!!!

I’m not saying the mother in this story was to blame –but who allows their nine year old, ten year old, eleven year son or daughter to hang around with a grown arse man unsupervised -someone who isn’t a family member or a friend –basically someone you don’t really know?

I’m sooooo sick and tired of this level of ignorance and neglect by trusting parents. Why is it that some of us are watching our children like a hawk and others are soooo quick to trust strangers with their precious children? Is it poverty? Do they live in a safer world than I do or have I got it wrong?

Another situation that really gets my goat are all those images of children running around the streets of Ghana –all those children who are crying out for attention and affection because their poor parents leave them behind at home, or in the compound or on the streets sooo that they can go and make a living!!!!  

These children might have an elderly grandparent or even an elderly neighbour keeping an eye on them –but most are soooo vulnerable to beasts and paedophiles –and as Ghana’s courts are corrupt and lawyers can be bought –even if these children are abused the perpetrators –get away with it….

Anyway I’ve gone on for long enough but parents please note ……not all people in churches are of God and if a grown up befriends your child –dig deeper –is it innocent and normal or do they have an ulterior motive???  

I’m feeling very angry and emotional about this subject because Ghana is gripped by another child abuse case –and if past records are anything to go by then this demon-possessed perpetrator might walk… other 'one touch' this and that –have!!!!

In fact if this sooooooooooooo called pastor isn’t done for rape –and manslaughter for infecting the young man with HIV then Ghana’s Law is an arse….

I’m sickened by the following story which I feel is tooooo graphic to be posted on here. Please read about the story gripping Ghana via:

p.s ….Note ....Ghana’s lawmakers –the world is watching you –watching to see if the children of Ghana are valued or not!!!!!

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