Monday, 5 August 2013

Fashion: Oplus Mavazi aka O.M.L.

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Paulina Opoku-Gyimah says: There’s something special about the designs by new Ghana based fashion label Oplus Mavazi Ltd also known as O.M.L.

They have a lovely collection of pretty dresses but I’m predicting big things for their lovely shorts.

They have designed some of the most fabulous shorts I’ve seen in a long time for both men and women called native and they can be purchased via:  --

I don’t know much about this label but I’m excited and will be keeping a Ghana Rising Blog eye on them and hope to see them at this year’s much-anticipated Ghana Fashion & Design Week –maybe at the exhibition…. 
***I must say that there are a lot of details about the above pictures that I like. I love that O.M.L have added their logo, text and contact details –its soo important to have your branding down tight…

There is also something innately stylish about O.M.L. and that stylish thing can’t be faked but can be learnt –if one has the mind to learn –unfortunately many don’t. But I dooo have a little bit of advice for this young design team –they need to pay attention to detail.
They must be very careful to only use real models. If they are selling shorts –the models must have the right build and legs to carry the shorts in question.
Perfectly shot shorts on models fits like a dream -with a little leg-room and not bunched up around the middle. You never want the shorts to look tight.
Also –Ghanaian photographers are starting understand photoshop –and there is at least two photographers that are now willing to give their clients magazine /advertising ready images that have been airbrushed and retouched –taking away blemishes, large pores and cellulite and all those things that make an image more pedestrian and less high-end and glossy. 
It’s really all about attention-to-detail once you have your lovely designs –and I’ve only bothered to advice O.M.L because I think they are already fab –and can really fly…

For more info or to purchase any of the above designs by new fashion label Oplus Mavazi also known as O.M.L. visit their Facebook page at:

More Info
A contemporary trend clothing and shoe company founded in 2013 in Accra, Ghana

Provide quality made-in-Africa apparel marked by comfort in good fit.

Company Overview
Oplus Mavazi Limited also known as O.M.L is a Ghanaian company which operate in the clothing and designing industry. O.M.L through the establishment of the “Oplus Mavazi” clothing label aims to be a recognized developer of quality and original made in Africa unisex apparel.

“Mavezi” is the Swahili name for clothing which provides a watermark identity of African originality in fashion.

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Domestic orders with a physical address are shipped via EMS
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