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Fashion/Media/Lifestyle: GH Model Directory

Ever wanted to be on a billboard, or in a TV ad? Well here is your chance. Sign up today at the GH Model Directory ( for FREE, and be the envy of your friends..

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Photographers, Advertisers, Media Houses etcOur clients can search through our database by specifying exactly which kind of model they are looking for. - See more at:


Available jobs are sent to registered models.Models get notified whenever there are available jobs that suit their characteristics so they can follow up if they are interested. - See more at:

Paulina says: Apart from the one model agency I celebrate in Ghana –I tend to stay away from all things model-y and what-have-youssssss especially in Accra as its full to bursting with tacky-tacky sooooo called model agencies!! But I’m loving the concept behind GH Model Directory. It’s not a new concept ---London, NYC, Paris et al are full of them, but it’s the first of its kind in Ghana!!!!

Note, not all of the models on GH Model Directory are real models –but that’s the beauty of it….. as they don’t have to be, because if you’re a foreign brand looking for a gorgeous representation of the Ghanaian family –all you want are ‘real’ everyday attractive looking people –and said directory offers you that.

I’m excited about this service and if it does what it’s supposed to –it will become one of the first point of calls for advertisers and media houses in Ghana like Insel Communications (, film crews, the fash-pack especially photographers, stylists, MUAs, music video directors, fashion shows coordinators and magazines et al….

Of course GH Model Directory can push their services and business model ---further and really go to town –literally.

They can also have a section for crea8ives like photographers, photographers who do re-touching, re-touchers, hairstylists; MUAs, stylists etc, and then form a locations company and also add said company to their website. What’s a locations company you ask???  

Ok I’ll explain what a locations company is and does!!! --I guess I’m always going to have to spoil you guys –only, nobody gives me the credit when they set up these companies; and I know folk take my ideas –sorry advice because I see said businesses springing up everywhere (laughter). Oh…Don’t worry about me, God Blesses me in ways you’d never know!!!!

Anyway, a locations company is a company that has an uber fabulous collection (database/portfolio)  of locations and contact of services for media houses and publications –who use said locations for fashion shoots, films, videos etc etc –and I truly feel GH Model Directory can add this service -and start marketing themselves to companies abroad, we live in a global village after all...

Of course those in the know will be well aware that uber fashion insider Charles Aboah, the father of Ghana Rising fave super model Adwoa Aboah, has a very successful locations agency in London called Compass Locations –and GH Model Directory will do well to check it out.... 

The thing is….….for folks like me coming from abroad and having a one stop shop of all the best creatives in Ghana at ones fingertips to choose from is fabulous, convenient and if done properly will put GH Model Directory on the map…. Good luck to them… For more info or to book a model visit GH Model Directory via:

More Info…..
Our aim is to bridge the gap between models and media agencies, advertisers, photographers etc. 

The Ghana Model Directory is a Tacora Company Limited product built in collaboration with Sci-Fi Web Technologies. This directory is meant to allow both ordinary people and professional models alike to sign up by specifying their characteristics and uploading their photos for FREE. Advertisers, photographers, media agencies then subscribe to our service which allows them to search for models and offer them jobs.

Whether you are a professional model looking to get some more exposure or an amateur just trying to make some extra cash, you are in the right place. We want to encourage everyone to sign up. It doesn’t matter how old you are, how much you weigh, how tall you are or how much modelling experience you have.

Advertisers, Media Agencies, Photographers etc who wish to subscribe to our service can contact us by email at or call either +233 262 633 476 or +233 243 168 279 to get signed up. Also, we would appreciate any feedback from users of our service, get in touch and let us know what you think. Enjoy!

 ***Photos come courtesy of GH Model Directory

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