Sunday, 4 August 2013

Think Pink ………..Why not do like modern Ghanaians and write everything down on Pink Paper……

Think.......Pink paper...

“Smythson has milled its own specialist watermarked paper for over a hundred years, internationally renowned for its unrivalled richness and quality. Our writing paper is available in seven different colours and styles.”


Optix Tula Pink (Paper) - 50% off -$0.20




Pink Notebook Paper Texture




I Believe In Pink Fine Art Print (8x10) -£9.40




A beautiful baby pink pearlised paper -double Sided. £0.25





Abstract Pink Floral Wedding Custom Stationery (10-pack) -£11.00

Customize the modern and elegant Abstract Pink Floral Wedding Stationery with the personal names of the bride and groom. This pretty writing paper is perfect for writing thank you notes, and handwritten wedding correspondence and letters. This classy and contemporary custom wedding note paper features an abstract swirly pink tone floral vector design courtesy of





Paulina Opoku-Gyimah says: I’m going to be very honest ….I don’t really understand what is going on right now in the world of poli-tricks in Ghana –only that errrmmmm things are coming to a head and there can only be three outcomes…

One ----Ghana’s democratically elected  President John Dramani Mahama remains president...

Two ---- Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo becomes president

Three –--there is a re-run where the results will depend very much on the Ghana’s peoplessssssssssssssss –which……funny enough is how we got into this errrrmmmm poli-trickily -Kwaku-Anansi situation in the first place …do you follow? I don’t!!!!  
Anywayssssssssss, what I do understand is that like most Ghanaians and the late great Audrey Hepburn –I now believe in Pink!!!! Yep….. I have a new found love of ‘pink papers’!!!

Honestly………… we Ghanaians are sooooooooooo stylish… what other nation writes their ‘truths’ (mercy) on poli-trickal pink paper?

Thus, I’m predicting that the next big thing in the world is ‘pink paper’. In fact I’m predicating that in the future you won’t be able to do business in Ghana without first producing your pink paper.

I’m thinking …..elegant pink writing paper with maybe customise details ike the one with the lotus design above from Zazzle –it costs from as little as £0.75 per sheet will be all the rage!!!  But take it from me -nothing compares to pink papers from Smythson!!!!

The good people at Smythson of Bond street who have been established since 1887 offer a host of services including a fabulous posh personalised stationery service where you can have your title, name, monogram and address (and logo) if you please -----added for good measure to your delectable pink (Marston Thick) writing paper and envelopes et al.

Or why not opt for Smythson's plain Park Avenue Pink Kings Writing Paper which costs from as little as £10.00 per box…
Please note, Smythson’s customised “writing paper prices start from £195. Borders, motifs and tissue lining all come at additional costs”. –And then you can like me  ----spray said paper with your favourite perfume ----for me it’s all about Robert Piguet's Fracas eau de parfum available from Selfridges –with prices starting from £95.00 –then you can get writing –remember it must be the truth –because only the truth (Ghana styleeeeee) will do when it comes to pink paper!!!  Don’t forget to post me a thank you letter or note (remember  this must also be on pink paper) like posh people do (laughter)…..

You can read all about Ghana’s fascination with pink paper and much more via the Modern Ghana website at:

 To order your customised personalised pink paper from Smythson visit:

And if after much consideration you also decide to spray your must-have pink papers with perfume –why noy do like me and invest in a Robert Piguet's Fracas eau de parfum from sales rep, Samantha Coker in Selfridges or visit their website at:

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