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Have you ever tried our Multi-Surface Fungicidal Wash? If your wall is contaminated with mould, algae or moss, you should use this treatment. Inbox us for purchase information, and like this picture if you want us to show you directions on how to apply the wash!

Have you tried the Dulux Wallguard?
It has a special emulsion system that gives outstanding water and dirt resistance. Hydrophobic mechanism has a dual effect: (1) Repels water at the surface, preventing it from seeping into the walls (2) Allows easy breathing of walls under damp conditions preventing the formation of bubbles and blisters. It has excellent durability and washability. It also has inherent mould resistant properties (Mouldex) which prevents the growth of fungus. The hydrophobic mechanism makes it ideal for all types of exterior walls – retaining and boundary walls in particular, where damp conditions prevail. It is available in ready mixed colours and tinting colours. To have a look at the charts for the colours, please visit our Showroom located at Kojo Thompson Road or any of our official distributors….

“The Colour Centre is an ultramodern Colour consultancy service, that provides a relaxed stress free environment for colour inspiration. The first of its kind in Ghana, it was created as an avenue for Clients to make informed decisions regarding their colour choices when painting homes or commercial projects. If you have a project you need to consult on please email to book an appointment with one of our Colour Experts.”


“Beauty for the house, protection for your family. Artilin´s Vinymat Ultra Insecticide Paint is the latest word in technology to eliminate flying and crawling insects. These undesired visitors are germ carriers and can cause several diseases such as Malaria, Dengue and allergies. For more information visit” Vinymat Ultra Insecticide and Acaricide Paint, inhibits the development of mould, which improves hygiene and reduces allergy sources…..


This intelligent paint works by simple contact and is completely non-toxic to humans. For more information go to

Paulina says: Do you have unsightly white stains around the lowermost region of your exterior walls? Is the paint on the exterior walls of your lovely home in Ghana crumbling away? Do you have flowerbeds (that are regularly watered) near said wall? Do your walls feel damp to touch –and have you noticed a mild musty smell of late in your lovely home? If so don’t fear, you might have ‘Rising Damp’ and the good people at Coral Paints, Colour centre can help. They will help to diagnose the real cause of your problem(s) be it flowerbeds, inadequate ventilation, leaking roof, burst water pipes or gutters etc –and then to stop it from happening again they will waterproof your walls both inside and outside. Remember its best to waterproof your home before the rainy season starts.

Note Coral Paints offer a comprehensive painting service including: multi-usrface fungicidal wash, assisting you with colours for your home, a special ‘Vinymat Ultra Insecticide and Acaricide Paint’ that’s “the latest word in technology to eliminate flying and crawling insects” and waterproofing your walls.
For the home they have a kaleidoscope of paints by leading brands including Coral Paints and Dulux –and for industrial paints they offer “International® Marine Coatings and International® Protective Coatings, providing the safest, strongest and smoothest.”… For more info visit:  &

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