Monday, 26 August 2013

Lifestyle/Luxury Homes/Business: Are the Russians set to build a town in Ghana?

A Ghost City in Angola, Built by the Chinese

Paulina Opoku-Gyimah says: I was nosing about and doing some research on uber multi, multi Lebanese-Nigerian property developer Gilbert Chagoury, founder of Nigeria's Chagoury Group with regards to the colossal Island-in-the-sea he is building just off Lagos Nigeria shore called ‘Eko Atlantic City’ when I stumbled across the following info……
Wonders shall never cease, did you know Russia’s ‘big boys’ are planning on building a city for around 62’000 or sooo people just outside of Accra??  Nor did I, but now we know.
I don’t know how I feel about this. But if it does happen I hope it will an inclusive, high-end development that will also be available to the Ghana’s peoplesssssssssss…and not land that was sold to said developers  via some back-door-underground-spiritual-game-money-for-some-nothing-for-the-people-of Ghana-jagger-jagger-ness if you know what I mean..

"Renaissance Capital Financial Holdings Ltd. of Moscow plans to build a city for 62,000 people on a coffee farm outside Nairobi, Kenya, and a similar-size project on a pepper field near Ghana's capital of Accra. The coffee farm in Kenya is still just that, as Renaissance works out a dispute with shareholders. The project in Ghana is mired in a disagreement between local chiefs over who owns the pepper field."  The Wall Street Journal
Very interesting –me thinks!!! Any way you can read all about the above quote and be inspired by the colossal multi, multi property developer  Gilbert Chagoury –the last of Nigeria’s hidden mega, mega rich (the rest are out and enjoying their bolly) via: