Friday, 19 October 2012

Betty Acquah -art to invest in…..


Bursting with colour, a whoosh of movement and brushstrokes to-live-for, the above works by Betty Acquah are sooo beautiful, -sooo vibrant you can feel their very life force -pulsating!!!

Betty Acquah’s energetic art makes me want to open my own art gallery in Ghana -right now!!! A Gallery that can travel the world, moving from one chichi capital to another -so that the universe can see this artist's work.

I’m truly feeling Betty’s art -and think its art worth investing in.. Depending on the size -I can see most of her work in the most fashionable homes in the world -and hope to see her art celebrated not just in Ghana but globally -she’s talented enough…

I don’t know much about Betty Acquah, -only that I love her work -and hope to see more from her.. If you’re loving artist Betty Acquah’s work as much as I'm , -her art can be viewed and purchased via: the Artists Alliance Gallery at Labadi, Accra Ghana at:

Direct Link:


Or Tiga Art Gallery at Labone, Accra Ghana at :

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