Wednesday, 31 October 2012

IEA 2012 First Presidential Debate: Tamale

President John Mahama with CPP's Dr. Abu Sakara

President John Mahama with his three co-debaters walking to the venue

President & Mrs. Mahama welcoming Nana Addo and his wife

President John Mahama with Nana Addo

First Lady Mrs. Lordina Mahama grabs the hands of Dr. Bawumia and walks with him to the venue for the debate

(President Mahama Participates In IEA Presidential Debate in Tamale) ….
Venue: Tamale
Date: Wednesday 31/10/2012

The first of the presidential debate series 2012 has just taken place in Tamale -and has the voting public of Ghana gripped!!! With the nation of Ghana totally engrossed with the debate -I had hoped to bring you a clip from the 'My Joy on Line' coverage via YouTube but unfortunately -I couldn’t hear the debate, it could be just my computer -but you can still check it out via:

I like to form my own opinions of these ’things’ so I’ll wait until another media outlet uploads theirs -but in the meantime do google the presidential debate -and also visit The Presidency Website at: -to keep up with news about President John Mahama….


PS ---The debate can be watched in full via:


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