Monday, 8 October 2012

Diary: Bethann Hardison’s of Vogue Black brings us her first day of GFDW (Ghana Fashion & Design Week)…….

I arrived to Ghana today Oct 5th for the first time, to witness and report on the 1st Fashion Design event conceived and produced by Daryl Osekreh and the team. Don't assume, because Daryl is a petite determined woman.

Coming to Africa is quite a journey and leaving NYC through London and finally arriving Ghana, the city of Accra, is a trek but worth the adventure. The fashion show and exhibit is being held at the Movenpick Hotel which is also my residence while I am here.

The designs of Love April opened the show. The models handled themselves very well and the designs were very contemporary.

A show stopper Sarah Duah, using "hairy acrylic yarn" of muted earth tones and "Casper white" with head wrappings as well.

Duaba Serwa designs were a great crowd pleaser. Lovely basics with ethnic textile prints used in a modern way. Swing a-line skirts, lurex silver tops, wonderful sheath dresses, and swing skirt sundresses. Someone to seriously watch. This is when you say ""Where are the worldwide buyers"?

Second half opened with Orange Culture. I loved this collection. The hip newness of tradition with a modern twist. Its like street designed wear for guys and gals.
Accessory bag design label Konfidence was presented beautifully for just showing bags.

Another wonderful concept collection, were the all white sheer knit designs of Maria Mia.

The first effort of Ghana Fashion Design Week was well worth attending. All the designer collections were worthy, very diverse story telling styles.
I am glad I made this trip happen. I appreciate my editor, for pushing me along making me take the adventure. Especially since Vogue Italia is the media sponsor and in great company of other sponsors as well.

GFDW first outing was impressive, though it started two hours later than they had hoped. But it was pleasant seeing the crowd gather in the reception area and get to talk and witness the style of others. Well that was this evening and it finish about 22:30 but it was fun with a clapping responsive audience.

The best was to sit between Nana Ekua Brew-Hammond and Zandile Blay, two fashion reporters both born in Ghana, educated, world travelers and to watch how its done today. Computers on laps, IPad and cameras in hand, documenting all and staying in touch with the world.

See you tomorrow.

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