Thursday, 25 October 2012

R2bees set to launch their own condom range….

According to Ghana Rising fave celebrity/showbiz reporter -Ameyah Debrah, hot rap outfit, R2bees (Refuse 2 be Broke) are set to launch their own range of condoms -and are presently awaiting, “approval from the Ghana Standards Board/Food and Drugs Board before they hit the market.”

I hope that this launch is accompanied by professional 'safe sex' education and that the boys visit colleges and universities across Ghana to promote said message.

I believe R2bees will do well with this, -Ghana doesn’t have STI clinics after all (only goodness knows why) and we have to stay safe -and condoms help…

You can read all about it via Ameyah Debrah’s website at:

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  1. Discussion of safe sex education should be a requirement to companies who are launching new brand of condoms. Through this, the public will really understand the meaning of safe sex.

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