Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Enjoy Ghanaian Art and Cultural history at The British Museum

‘Man’s Cloth’ by El Anatsui [2001]

Art by Owusu Ankomah [2006]

‘Kokrobite’ by Atta Kwami [2007]

‘Kente Rhapsody’ by El Anatsui [2001] –with Ghanaian Kente from the 20th Century [Adwineasa] in the background.

King Alex and I went to The British Museum to see their newly extended African Collection –and we were pleasantly surprised to discover a whole section on Ghanaian Art and Culture comprising: ‘funky coffins’, drums, royal swords [and other royal regalia’s], photographs of Ghanaians, funeral artifacts, stools –and much more on the ground floor. The basement was awe inspiring with art work by uber Ghanaian artists -El Anatsui, Atta Kwami and Owusu Ankomah. The British Museum also carries an extensive array of Kentes, masks, and art from other African countries. Presently, they have a fabulous exhibition about the ‘Kingdom of Ife’ [a must for all African art lovers]. For more information about The British Museum please visit: http://www.britishmuseum.org/

The British Museum
Great Russell Street
020 7323 8000

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