Saturday, 27 March 2010

More from PUMAFOOTBALL website ….the story of Samuel Aggrey -Ghana’s super fan

I'm really enjoying the PUMAFOOTBALL website –it’s a fun way for football virgins like me to ‘do’ football. I particularly love the following story about Ghana super fan -Samuel Aggrey and his lucky pot! …the PUMAFOOTBALL website is worth a visit for other fun features on football…..I’m telling you girls, -you won’t be bored….x

Title: Black Stars Lose the Pot
Posted by PUMA Football, January 25, 2010, 2:44pm

Ghana superfan Samuel Aggrey is not happy. He claims the Angolan police smashed his ceremonial pot following the Black Stars’ victory over Burkina Faso because they suspected him of being a witch doctor. PUMAFootball arranged to meet the man Ghanaians call ‘Obuor’ or ‘Stone’ to find out the truth.

In twilight, with the light failing and no electricity, the rundown former Ghana embassy makes a perfectly creepy location to meet the Africa Cup of Nations most controversial star. During the games, as he dances around the stands with a crazed leer on his scarlet red Easter Island sized-face, it’s easy to see why anyone would believe this character is capable of black magic.

Here, stripped of his body paint and without his trademark pot, the 36-year-old appears bonier and more fragile. Yet still there’s something other worldly about him as he talks about God, Ghana and, of course, those accusations.

Firstly, PUMAFootball wonders, what exactly was he doing during that Burkina Faso game when he was spotted sprinkling a mysterious powder into the pot on his head? “I’m just giving the prayer mora like a vim to support the Ghana players,” he explains cryptically in his patois English. “The pot was given to me by my grandmother who died when I was a child. Anywhere I take the pot it is lucky for Ghana people.”

Sounds like black magic to us. Is it? “No! I do not have the power. God has the power. But when you pray to God, God can give to you.”

Aggrey has now faithfully followed the Black Stars around the globe for 17 years. His passport, which includes stamps from places as far flung as Germany, Egypt and Japan, is a testament to his incredible dedication. So why does he do it? “You see I love my country,” he says beating his fist proudly on his chest. “I love the team because me, my heart and my soul is my country.”


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