Sunday, 14 March 2010

Food: The best Ghanaian food in London......

“Does your knowledge of African food start with biltong and end with cous-cous? Then you’ve got a long way to go, challey. And where better to start than with the cuisine of Ghana, a country with some 50,000 expats in London.” TIME OUT Magazine

Food courtesy of Jollof Pot
“Whether you're looking to entertain clients or reward your staff, Jollof Pot have an extensive range of dishes to suit all tastes. From lunch meetings to sumptuous banquets, we offer outstanding contemporary and traditional Ghanaian dishes. Our reputation for quality food and a totally different experience is reinforced with a quality of service that is second to none. We will be pleased to quote for any specific food requirements or special diets. Contact us for information on sample corporate lunch menus.”

Food courtesy of Gold Coast Bar and Restaurant
“The essence of The Gold Coast, Brixton is to provide a warm, welcoming and safe environment for those looking to wine and dine, dance and enjoy a warm and hearty African ambience. The emphasis of the business is to celebrate all things African in one of London’s most energetic and diverse communities……..TGC Brixton, is located in the heart of one of London’s most diverse and multi-cultural communities hence the unique opportunity to provide an African themed premier restaurant, cocktail bar and club. From the chic of the TGC Cocktail bar, Afro centric style & cuisine of the Restaurant, the cosy relaxation of the Apata (lounge), the atmospheric energy of the Club to the exclusivity of the VIP lounge, TGC, Brixton is the place to be – an altogether unique African experience! Giving true meaning to the word “Akwaaba” from the Ghanaian culture, meaning “Welcome”.

Ghanaian food is sooo hot right now –and has left me reminiscing about my most favourite ever Ghanaian restaurant -The Golden Stool. Located in Tottenham [north London] – The Golden Stool was unpretentious [with its plastic table coverings, plastic flowers and its ‘sit-where-you-like-oOh’ verve –it could never be accused of delusions of grandeur] –and served the very best Ghanaian food. Intimate and cosy, offering large potions –and a bowl to wash your hands in [before and after food] -The Golden Stool was a winner; -and even though you really couldn’t conduct a business lunch/meeting there [far too shabby chic for a business meeting] –it was patronized by all nationalities [it became a big favourite of Tottenham’s Jamaican community]. Sadly, due to the current economic climate –it closed its doors.

Thankfully there are at least two more wonderful Ghanaian eateries in London. The first and the most highly recommended eatery is the ‘Jollof Pot’; -founded by famous Ghanaian food duo, -Lloyd and Adwoa Hagan-Mensah [they were runners up on the BBC’s Raymond Blanc reality show, -‘The Restaurant’ -and have a serious celebrity following such as: Cherie Blair, David Cameron, June Sarpong, singer Alexander O'Neal, DJ Lisa I'Anson and director Joe Wright –and an impressive list of clients that includes: Innocent Drinks, House of Lords, Nike, Water Aid, Amnesty International and Lonely Planet]. The Jollof Pot is a catering company which specialises in modern Ghanaian cuisine, -and is famed for using the best and freshest produce [and are hugely responsible for putting Ghanaian food -on the map -thanks guys].

The ‘Gold Coast Bar and Restaurant’ [founded by William and Francesca Quagraine] -of which, I’ve had the pleasure of patronizing on several occasions –is the other restaurant. Like the Jollof Pot, - Gold Coast Bar and Restaurant serves yummy, delicious Ghanaian food –and comes highly recommended. Situated in both Brixton and South Norwood, the Gold Coast Bar and Restaurant is ideal for spontaneous business meetings –and a wonderful way to introduce your friends to our yummy cuisine -in crisp, clean surroundings. Please see the following for contact details:

Gold Coast Bar and Restaurant [South Norwood]
224 Portland Road,
South Norwood,
SE25 4QB
Tel: 020 8676 1919
Gold Coast Bar and Restaurant [Brixton]
40 Acre Lane
Tel: 020 7326 0164

Jollof Pot
Unit 5H,
Standard Industrial Estate,
Henley Road
E16 2ES
main line: +44 (0)20-7473-5666
mobile 1: +44 (0)79-0334-4978
mobile 2: +44 (0)78-5425-0140
mobile 3: +44 (0)78-5541-2196
[Stalls at Exmouth Market Mon-Fri 12noon-3pm; Broadway Market Sat 11am-5pm; Portobello Market Sat 11am-6pm]

**P.s If you know of other fabulous Ghanaian restaurants [anywhere in the world] –please put their details in the comment box below –and let us all enjoy them....thanks x


  1. I went to Manjaro bar/ restaurant in Holloway Road North London a few weeks ago! The food was yummy and they even serve Ghana Fanta! They do however charge 10% service charge if you sit in the restaurant bit which is upstairs. The ground floor is a bar and they have a club downstairs which isnt always running.
    Address is:
    148 Holloway Rd, N7 8DD

  2. A friend introduced me to Jollof Pot last year and I am totally hooked. Up until then I had always fancied Ghanaian food but scared it would be too spicy. The owners Adwoa and Lloyd were really patient with my endless questions, and eased me in gently with a few tasty samples. I live within a stone’s throw from their Portobello Market stall so you can imagine how hard it is to fight the temptation :-). Their dishes are fusion Ghanaian/European and a must for those who want to try something new. They are a very sweet couple with excellent customer service guaranteed to leave a smile on your face. Great work guys!

  3. To Jenama –thanks for the info on Manjaro Bar. I ate there years ago –and will be patronizing them soon –on your recommendation.

    To Cupcake Treats London – thanks, I can’t wait to try some of Adwoa and Lloyd’s Jollof rice in a couple of week’s time [I’ll be in the Notting Hill area] ….

  4. There's also a new catering company called Waakye Leaf which i'm itching to try! Yum!

  5. Waakye Leaf prepared some food for our engagement last year and it really was stunning. The taste, the presentation - this company is one to watch!

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