Monday, 22 March 2010

Fashion: Ohema Ohene

“Ohema Ohene's mission is to bring to the world total Royal splendour! Producing products which reflect and pay homage to the beauty of Africa fit for any Queen or King! A taste of colours, influences, prints and concepts which are prestigious to Africa, a beautiful and often misrepresented continent.

Ohema Ohene would like to share with you a touch of Africa which is positive, elegant and simply breath taking. Showcasing what the world has failed to see or think possible. Ohema Ohene aims to bring a taste of Africa, to each and every home through clothing and accessories for every part of your life for both Women and Men! Celebrating the best of Africa intertwined with a British twist.

Ohema Ohene draws many of its influences from Ghana. The brand has a long term goal to eventually help provide a gateway to prosperity for the Ghanaian community. Providing education, training and enterprise. Ohema Ohenes long term vision is to produce the majority if not the entirety of its products in Ghana and its neighbouring community, helping to build a long term source of trade to its people.” Ohema Ohene

***I love it when brands by Ghanaians –up their game and take their business to the next level –and the Ohema Ohene label has done just that. Beautiful apparel, on-trend trainers, professional and business savvy, -team Ohema Ohene are way ahead of the crowd. From their fabulous collection; on-point website [it works, covers all the relevant information needed to sell their yummy goods], –to their marketing [Ohema Ohene’s press coverage is très high fashion, –just google them] –to their stockiest [they sell both online and through selected stores] –they are an example of how to do business in 2010. I’m loving their OH! African print plimsolls [£45.00] –and the Zara-kimono wrap front dress [£110.00] -it’s to-live-for! For more information about the Ohema Ohene’s Collection please visit:

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