Friday, 19 March 2010

Home: Ghanaian inspired walls by Lucille Krasne

"A hallway is completely covered with patterns from Ghana communities." Lucille Krasne

"The women of Mauritania in Northern Africa paint the interiors of their houses. This glimpse from the "Mauritanian" kitchen shows a hallway devoted to the designs of the South African N'Debele tribe whose women paint the facades of their homes." Lucille Krasne

“Let's work together to design your dream Surprising Spaces.” Lucille Krasne

I’m loving the work of uber talented Lucille Krasne. Lucille is a painter, designer, and art educator –and her talents knows no bounds; –just feast your eyes on the Ghanaian inspired corridor above. She can be commissioned to paint your home/business premises, furniture, floors -in murals that will inspire! For more information please call (212) 777-6053 or email her at:

***P.s Wouldn’t it be lovely to have your walls painted with Ghanaian Adinkra symbols –maybe a wall with the Gye Nyame [Omnipotence of God] symbol. It’s got me thinking, –is there anyone doing this in Ghana –if so, -I would love to promote their work....

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