Saturday, 27 March 2010

Thanks for your kind words Joshua Mcdonnell...Yes Ghana is great..

Title: GHANA IS GREAT! February 16, 2010, 1:05 pm
Ghana is great. Ghana has proven over the past two decades to be a stable, free, peaceful, burgeoning and friendly nation. Since the instatement of free and fair elections in 1992, the elections have proven to be free and fair. The rule of law and the country’s institutions have not dimmed to subversion and the country has benefitted by competitive elections, where political parties have proven their willingness to put country ahead of ego and power, by relinquishing administration without bloodshed or headlines. As the first African country to gain post-colonial independence (1957), Ghana was looked to then by others as an example of a progressive, confident and modern country. Now that Ghana has truly matured as a nation, and is burgeoning economically, politically and socially with its own identity, enthusiasm and grace, it is a beacon of light in a troubled (but potential rich) region. With Ghana as a role model for Africa and the world, we can all look forward to the spread of Ghanaian hope and Ghanaian enthusiasm: and that means many smiling faces and friendly hellos!

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  1. Thank you Paulina! I'm glad you liked my blog post. I love your blog - I will definitely keep checking back to experience "all the yummy goodness of Ghana"! Keep up the good work!