Friday, 26 March 2010

Life & Music: Dem Tinz

I write this message in love to the young musician -Dem Tinz. I write because I truly believe that he is talented. I write because unlike many –of these soo called Hip-Life artists… Dem Tinz can rap [and does sooo with style]….Dear Dem Tinz …-I feel that Ghana [a country that is yet to go through its own industrial revelation..] is far too fragile/young for this ‘new love of money’ –a spirit called "Mammon" [that seems to be taking over our Blessed Ghana]!

I have spent the last couple of weeks investigating what I can only describe as Ghana’s underbelly’ –so I’m pleased that as a handsome young man –you are not selling your kidneys or selling your wares in Christian Village [but are rapping etc]; but as a talented young man at the beginning of what I hope will be a long and fulfilling [international] music career….please take care to only put out music that will edify the spirit. I’m not implying that you have to rap about flowers –per say or change your style…[because I love your verve] but instead [like the late great Bob Marley] put conscious lyrics ‘out there’….

Please note; I don’t blame you for the ‘love-of-money’ thing going on in your music…-our airwaves are full-to-bursting with them…and I’m sure you believe 'that’s all people want to hear' –and thus are rapping lyrics that sells etc! And I'm sure you also feel that -'if you don’t do it -others will' –but why not be different [you have style]?…

…I’m pleased -you’re signed to a record label [Lyts Up Rekordz] but how many of the young, impressionable people listening to your music will have your talent or the skills or the access to a record label [to sign them up etc] and thus be able to [possibly] make the money? Also, –as they listen to these lyrics –about money –surly they will also want it. Surly they will also want this ‘same’ money you’re rapping about? What do you think they will do [or have to do] to get such money? Surly you know of parts of Ghana –where people still go to bed at night with no food in their bellies -or areas of Ghana -where children as young as seven have to work to support their families! Ghana –unlike the States [where the needy get some government assistance] is a third world country…-and the ‘Ghanaian Dream’ rarely happens to people born outside of Accra’s ‘East Legoon’ [do you understand where I’m coming from]; –and thus -the more of these ‘money lyrics’ that permeates the Ghanaian airwaves, –the more dissatisfaction –there will be etc…

Please note, -I’m not holding your music responsible for this dissatisfaction –but surly you don't want to add to the …discontent that seems to be infecting Ghana….

Like I said before; …I love the beat of your music –and truly believe that you are talented –but what of your ‘soon-to-be-fans’ who don’t have your talent or verve, -surly you must change your lyrics somewhat; maybe sing about how to get off the streets the right way [because I’m sure that even in Ghana –a third world country’ -its possible to get some level of education, some sort of training –and thus get out of poverty that way…-no?]. You are a talented and can make it by putting positivity into the air [as you know -words are spirit –they can curse or give life…make sure that your words give life]….Not all famous international rap artists -rap about money…-Kanye West might rap about gold diggers but he’s not rapping about the ‘get-rich-or-die-trying’ vibe of ‘others’ ……Anyway, I’m going to put your music up here on Ghana Rising –because you are talented –and I see a great future for you…-but more than that, –I believe that your lyrics will change/evolve as you evolve –into words of positivity, of wisdom –and of Life…x

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