Sunday, 21 March 2010

Music: R2BEES way B4 their time.........

I still love this tune by my Ghanaian brothers -R2BEES. In my opinion R2BEES were trailblazers, -way ahead of their time. Mainly from the Volta region –these Ewe artists now dominate the Ghanaian music scene [think Ayigbe Edem, Sarkodie et al] – and in their pursuit to never ‘to be broke’ –R2BEES started a movement and style –that has been hijacked by others [not just in Ghana] –claiming it as their own and getting all the glory…....Big love to these innovators ……….Ghana Rising says kudos R2BEES... For more information about R2BEES please visit:

**Check out the rest of their music on YouTube...xx

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