Monday, 22 March 2010

Object of Desire: 'Lobi Welcome I' wood stool by Abubakari Alhassan

“The customs of the Lobi people inspire Abubakari Alhassan to replicate this traditional stool, usually reserved for visiting friends. Their tribal name, Lobi, means "children of the forest," and they originate from Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast and northern Ghana. They believe it is a sign of respect to offer this stool to guests, as a sign of welcoming hospitality and respect. It is also used in the kitchen when cooking.”

**I’m not a big fan of the crudely made, -obsessively churned out furniture that continues to come out of Ghana and other African countries –in the name of art [more like commerce to me] –but I truly love the stool above, -it’s beautiful. We need more of this type of design –and less of the rushed stools that are littering the internet….because true Ghanaian ‘objets d’art’ –will loose its value.

$129.95 now on sale! $116.96

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