Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Ghana Rising Hearts Azizaa.....

AZIZAA GADE FUNAMO ~Leave Me Alone (Official Video)

Credit: Song Written and Performed by Azizaa
Download via:
camera: ziREja
Editor: Richar Santana
Make Up: Zaida and
lighting: Pepe Páiz



Azizaa Mystic is not just a unique artist, her soul brewed music allows you to explore her heart, mind and soul.
Azizaa's music is a well fused soulful blend of various genres, her unique style of AfroPop puts her in a class of her own, proudly showcasing her African connection to the Western world.
Barely 5.3" with such a powerful yet sultry voice her delivery tends to be captivating and hypnotic, her music can take you through Many emotional transitions within the length of one song.

"Music with substance is essential to my soul" she says. with hit songs like salaga, Brand New 45, and woli wobe under her belt, this Rare Breed is taking the world by storm.

Coming from the Anlo Ewe tribe of Southern Ghana, West Africa, she grew up in Irvington New Jersey and loves the fact that she has the best of both worlds, Africa and America, her voice and music is a sound like no other, and clearly you can see and hear the influence and effect of the American Pop culture on a Young African Born Artist.

She calls her unique blend of music "a bridge (for a gap) that brings together the old and the new, the ancient and the modern, the past and the present, the young and the old, even the present and the Future".

Azizaa Mystic has opened for renowned artists such as Rick Ross, Buju Banton, Fabolous, Beenie Man, and Ghanaian Highlife Legend Ebo Talyor only to mention a few.

After appearing on countless live shows and Tv programs in the States and Africa, she is never shy to sing out her feelings.

Azizaa's stage presence is commanding and full of mysticism and excitement, along with her vibrant band there is no way to go wrong and the dancing just never seems to end.

"Azizaa performs her psycho-tropic myth music in the stands –Indie Fuse Trailer
"Azizaa brought her Afrobeat brew for us all to sip, flipping Ewe folk songs into pop reggae funk punk chants ~Accra[dot]Alt
"This is an artist the world has been waiting on" ~Rise Magazine
**** I’m loving the Ewe chorus –its sounds soo delicious… For more info about Azizaa, her musician and her incredible style, visit: &

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  1. i love Azizaa mystic, she was at indie fuse (alliance française) last year...
    One article (french) about Azizaa :