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The Spirit: Daniel Adomaka sings ‘Hallelujah’ on Italy’s Got Talent…..

Daniel Adomaka, Ghanaian Based In Italy Moves A Judge To Tears On Italy's Got Talent - Video
Date: 12-2-2013

Daniel Adomako - Italia's Got Talent - 19.01.2013 by amirdj

Daniel Adomako "Rays" son of Deacon and Mrs Adomako makes it to "Italia's Got Talent 2013, his performance aired nationwide today, 19th of January in Italy. None is able to sit or do without tears. From the judges, Gerry Scotti, Maria de Filipi, and for the first time, I can not believe my eyes seeing even Rudy the "wicked" judge all red and wet with tears.
There was something more than his voice as obvious as it was. God was with him. and He sung so well, every single moment was crowned with great applause. Then after doing his song "halleluia", the judges sight blurred with tears but conscious of having their hearing intact, asked him to do a song without music and guess what? Daniel who is a sopranist and sometimes does pop music, chooses to sing no other song than,
"Amazing Grace".... Knowingly or not, Daniel lifted Jesus up before the whole of Italy! this is why I believe that even as he was not ashamed to declare the Lord in the midst of the world, so the Lord will surely lift him up!

Daniel Rays, Ghanaian-Italian Pop/Sopranist Singer and Church Boy

He begins with Cohen's '"Hallelujah", then judges demand an encore in cappella. Daniel chooses to sing "Amazing Grace", after recounting how his father who though loves to see him sing, still struggles to understand why God is leading a son of a deacon to "that" direction. Daniel recounts of not having an easy relationship with his "all comanding" father and of how music seem to be his only balm. Then after sharing of how his musical talents might have been passed on to him by his mother, Daniel who is asked to choose a song he loves sings "Amazing Grace" to remind him of how far God's grace has brought him. All of this takes just ten minutes, two songs, and a few words. This is what happened on Saturday evening on one of Italy's best talent shows broadcasted on channel 5 "Italias Got Talent".. with a record listening of (6.476 million viewers for a share of 28.1%), Daniel Rays, a young Italian singer birthed in Ghana, contestanted in the fourth edition of "Italy's got talent," exciting and mesmerizing the audience and jury in the second selection roundup, gaining entry to the next round of the talent show.

The performance of the twenty year old sopranist from Prevalle, Brescia appeared on the show his real name, Daniel Adomako, and his real voice gaining ana endless standing ovation wetting the sight of many with tears - even touching TV Veteran show master Gerry Scotti to tears, and a standing ovation from Rudy Zerbi and Maria De Filippi, so much that these judges remembered that they had forgotten to give him their verdict on his '"Hallelujah," done in an Acute and virtuous, pop style. Of course, Daniel got 3 O.K's!!!

"It was a fast performance, done in a TV time, but the impact - explains Daniel was felt. Daniel continues by saying that -. "after Maria asked me to talk about myself, my family, which I do not like to make public, before I sing again. I could but only choose, a gospel song. "

The "Amazing Grace" hymna filled not only the space but also the hearts of the audience with such power of pure singing and of prayer. "They made me pick a song, they wanted to listen to a cappella - more -. Even Zerbi, usually very picky, was pleasantly surprised. " Spectator, yesterday, unleashed diverse comments, all positive, on "Italy's Got Talent." website and on their facebook page." "Many people wrote to congratulate me, a gesture of affection that gives me strength and enthusiasm to move forward," concludes the Ghanaian born singer from Brescia

Daniel incanta «Italia's got talent»

Daniel Rays, il cantante bresciano di origini ghanesi

Ore: 09:58| lunedì, 21 gennaio 2013 - giornale di brescia

L'«Hallelujah» di Cohen, il bis a cappella di «Amazing Grace» e il timido racconto di una vita che vola libera nell'energia del canto. Dieci minuti, due canzoni, poche parole. Così, nel sabato sera da record d'ascolti di Canale 5 (6.476.000 spettatori per uno share del 28,1%), Daniel Rays, giovane cantante bresciano di origini ghanesi, concorrente della quarta edizione di «Italia's got talent», ha emozionato pubblico e giuria nella seconda tornata di selezioni del programma Mediaset, aggiudicandosi l'ingresso al prossimo turno del talent show.

La performance del ventunenne sopranista di Prevalle, presentato davanti alle telecamere con il suo vero nome, Daniel Adomako, ha raccolto una standing ovation interminabile, le lacrime di Gerry Scotti, lo stupore di Rudy Zerbi e Maria De Filippi, così coinvolti da scordare quasi il verdetto dopo l'«Hallelujah», acuta e virtuosa, nello stile pop di Rays.

«È stata un'esibizione veloce, costretta nei tempi televisivi, ma d'impatto - spiega Daniel -. Dopo il pezzo Maria mi ha chiesto di parlare di me, della mia famiglia, cosa che non amo fare in pubblico, prima di farmi cantare ancora».

L'inno di «Amazing Grace» riempie lo spazio con la potenza del canto puro. «Mi hanno fatto scegliere una canzone, volevano ascoltarmi a cappella - continua -. Anche Zerbi, solitamente molto pignolo, è rimasto piacevolmente stupito». La scalata televisiva di Rays prosegue. Ieri anche il popolo del web si è scatenato con i commenti, tutti positivi, postati sulla pagina facebook di «Italia's Got Talent». «Molti mi hanno scritto per congratularsi, un gesto d'affetto che mi dà forza ed entusiasmo per andare avanti», conclude il bresciano, lanciato verso la semifinale nella sfida fra talenti.

Thanks for representing Ghanaian-Italians nationwide in a land where we first settled as migrants.

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