Wednesday, 20 February 2013

The Rise and Rise of Kaakie’s Music…..

Paulina Opoku-Gyimah says: You know … it always amazes me the fuss and commotion that the issue of homosexuality raises –not just in Ghana but the world at large!!! ..

I think people automatically think of sex, not the person or their work/careers, or their families, or their good deeds/charities, achievements or whatever when they think of gay people, but I’m thinking…. it’s safe to say, especially to those caught up in fear of homosexuals, –that some of the things that heterosexuals are getting up to –and not just in the confines of ‘our’ boudoirs –are pretty shocking!!!!!  

I’ve known for some time that some of the new dances in various clubs, not just the dancehall ones are seriously …*@%&*??? Because….. what might have once been considered foreplay is now called something or the other …and is being danced by 13 year plus gals& boyzzz in various nightclubs around the world (mercy)….

Note..... I’m no angel but….., and nor do I think that the world is coming to an end but…  ………(fill in the dots)…!!!!

Anyway I digress… The above film clip plays Kaakies’ Toffee Pon Tongue / Obolo Bolo –Ghana’s most-played, hot tune ---and calls itself the official video and is presently, burning up the YouTube airways….but rest assured, this is not the official video, plus as you can see, it wasn’t filmed in Ghana!!! … Still, it shows that ‘our’ very own dancehall queen’s music is travelling the world and she has new fans….
***World domination next ….me thinks…

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