Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Mental Social Moral Panic: A New Way to watch Football……


I used to live near one beautiful Ebo sister who went from selling high-end beauty products in one of London’s chicest department stores to being sectioned on the streets of Hertfordshire!!
A truly beautiful lady, ***Christine was one of those virtuous, elegant women who was always carrying high-end shopping bags!! –She was always the first to sport the latest ‘It’ bag..

We became firm friends when we started to notice that we were always the only two people of colour getting of the tube at Cockfosters tube station around 11pm on Friday nights…
Anyway, the lovely Christine started to decline somewhat after meeting one very ‘special’ guy from her part of the world and was sent over the edge after a [fake] cheque of just over a million pounds was sent to her account, apparently from her father in Port Harcourt…

With the bank's relentless investigating and prodding –and Christine’s folks back home contesting that the cheque was legitimate, –Christine’s mental health declined and she altered overnight.

Living not too far from me, I used to visit her regularly but I was really troubled by the fact that her sooo called boyfriend, even though he knew she wasn’t well –still continued to visit her at NIGHT –if you know what I mean!!!
Christine didn’t know what was going on, stopped dressing herself, stopped paying her bills and stopped going out  …but this sooo called boyfriend would still demand affection (if you know what I mean) and I was really troubled by this!!! Why couldn’t this man leave her alone ….to get well? In the end I had to get her family involved…?

So why did I feel the need to share this… I don’t know, but the above photograph, taken from the Gossip Ghana  Facebook fan page, of a young woman semi naked, on top of some man’s lap, –surrounded by a host of men –some looking on –leaves me cold and troubled!!!
I don’t know if the woman is well or mentally ill but she looks to be the only woman there. Honestly, -I don’t think she’s well, women just don’t go to football matches in their underwear in Ghana!!!

Her cheap wig and the way she’s carrying her body makes me fear for her state of mind.. Plus, if she’s unwell, -and surrounded by a host of men –she is very vulnerable…

As for the man –out of sight (lucky him), holding a mobile phone and probably filming the whole thing… - if she's unwell (and I think she is), –he should be ashamed of himself, seriously ashamed of himself!!!

Who are these people –do you know them?  Anyway as its Mental Health Awareness Week in the UK, it’s got me thinking about mental health in Ghana and the lack of help for those suffering with said illness!!!  For more info about Gossip Ghana visit:

…P.s -I still don’t believe that this photograph was taken at a football match in Ghana!!!! I reject it!!!


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