Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Objects of Desire: Shoes & Clutches by Annesi

Annette and Esi Banning Adjepong's fabulous pieces are to live for!!! For more info visit:  & or contact:
0547278920/ 0261307487
More Info:
Annesi was started by two sisters (Annette and Esi) with a creative outlook on life but having a professional background in Human resources and Product design respectively. Annesi designs for the everyday person with simplicity and attention to detail.
Annette having worked closely with people assisting them to successfully to tread the path to employment – from refashioning their CVs, to honing their interview techniques, until they have finally secured a job and then setting them up for that all important first day in paid employment. She has, as a result, developed a desire and hunger to inspire people to take their appearance seriously and to take fashion and good design seriously too. Annette believes that appearance plays a major part in anyone’s route to success.

Esi on the other hand has always been design orientated – from as young as 10 years old when she would draw on anything she found to make things. She has always loved fashion and illustrative design. As she grew older she developed these passions at tertiary level: creating products from items that would be usually thrown away by most people. The everyday detritus of life is what inspires Esi to create beautiful but practical products for the ordinary, everyday person.

These unique talents and passions for design were the major motivating factors that brought the two sisters together in 2009 to build the BRAND Annesi.

Ghanaian Culture is also an inspiration behind ANNESI. Particularly because of its colourful fabrics and its Adinkra symbols. Each Adinkra symbol carry its own significance and represents events in everyday life, the patterns indicating the importance of a special occasion. The colours used are reflected in their collections.

A lot of their ideas are embedded in local tradition. It is the synergy between traditional usage and the modern application, creating products for the culturally in tune and contemporary person, that is at the heart of ANNESI.

High employment among Ghanaian youth drives ANNESI to seek to inspire aspiring, young and creative individuals to understand that turning a small idea into a viable business is a possibility for anyone.


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