Sunday, 10 February 2013

The next Big Thing in Food: Antoinette Ndudu Gilbert…

"I am passionate about good food. 'Good food' to me means quality ingredients, cooked simply in a healthy way and presented beautifully. I teach the art of using herbs and spices to create lip smacking flavours to any dish." Antoinette Ndudu Gilbert

A simple, quick and easy healthy brunch or lunch
An omelette of coriander, fresh chilli, chives served on a bed of green salad, avocado, lime and balsamic dressing.

Roasted Chicken in cardamom and thyme with cubed sweet potatoes, carrots and sugar snaps...

Purée of black eye beans in ginger and cumin served on a bed of basil with ginger and mango Stilton and avocado.
A lip smacking vegetarian canape option.

Tomato 4 ways....Granita, sorbet, tomato and tomato with black pepper, olive oil and salt

Spinach wholemeal flat bread with sesame, nigella seeds, sauteed red onions and sea salt

Pan fried cod in thyme served with Jasmine rice, ginger and chilli hoisin sauce...

Ginger, honeycomb and treacle cake.

Prawn with spring onions, coriander and cucumber wrapped in rice paper, served with dark soy, mirin rice wine, teriyaki sauce and ginger.

Crunchy peanut banana sandwich coated with dark chocolate and pistachio

 Split a banana in 2. Spread with crunchy peanut butter and freeze.
... In a bain marie melt dark chocolate and toss the frozen banana in the dark chocolate sauce. Quickly sprinkle crushed pistachio on top. Re freeze the banana until you are ready to use it.
Let the banana defrost slightly and cut into shapes and serve.
A very easy healthy snack to have. Enjoy

Scrambled eggs on sour dough bread toast with smoked Salmon, caviar and rocket salad
***All images © Ndudu

Paulina Opoku-Gyimah says: Smoked Salmon, caviar, dark chocolate and pistachio, -Antoinette Ndudu Gilbert is a foodie’s delight!! Beautiful, talented, and the fabulous uber chef behind the aptly named, must-read blog: - Antoinette Ndudu Gilbert’s mouth-watering, elegant, healthy high-end haute cuisine is a delight to all the ‘senses’…-just feast your eyes on the above delectable fare!!!  
Not only an excellent cook, Antoinette’s knowledge of ‘her’ ingredients -gives her the edge over other ‘cooks’ –and Ghana Rising is now a fan!!! I’m predicting big things for this chef.
I see her cooking on TV, writing books and becoming Ghana’s (and beyond) go-to chief du jour!!
Plus, as Ghanaian weddings hurtle towards the next level (come on you all know what I’m talking about, … real Prestige cuvee & vintage champagne, -private jets to Ada Foah, the booking of entire floors at various chic hotels in Accra etc), –they are going to want the best, most delicious, elegant fresh food at their weddings, –and Ms Ndudu Gilbert’s nosh is just what the style doctor ordered!!  
So watch this space, -Antoinette Ndudu Gilbert’s delicious food’s about to go stellar!!!
For more info about Antoinette Ndudu Gilbert visit:

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