Saturday, 8 June 2013

Competitive weight loss amongst top Ghanaian Celebrities…..

Best Friends Forever socialite and TV presenter Sandra Ankobiah and actress Yvonne Nelson before the ‘competitive weight loss’ spirit (is that the right word?) took over….



Fashion 101presenter Sandra Ankobiah --now looking thinner


And leaner!!



Beautiful Ghanaian actress Yvonne Nelson has lost a lot of weight lately…


A much leaner Yvonne Nelson….



Singer Jane Awindor aka Efya is naturally tinny in my eyes…


Ghanaian actress Nana Ama McBrown Before


Nana Ama McBrown –right now, pictured with actress Ama K Abebrese who is also looking noticeably smaller……


Actress Nana Ama McBrown again –looking twenty years younger. Wow she is absolutely gorgeous –and I’m inspired to hit the gym…


A noticeably thinner looking Ama K Abebrese… Ama is drop-dead gorgeous in this gown…  


Ghanaian film star Nadia Buari Before


Nadia Buari – Now…. Just cute and healthy and stylish…


Naturally thin Ghanaian Celebrities...

Singer and fashion designer Deborah Vanessa Owusu Bonsu is naturally thin…..


Uber petite Helen Asante….(Why is it sooo difficult to find beautiful photos of the ever gorgeous –naturally petit actress Helen Asante??)  


Ghana film director Leila Djansi is also naturally thin….


Ghanaian singer Lady Jay is also naturally thin….


The Ubiquitous ‘Skinny Gal bikini’ shoot ---once ‘thinness’ is achieved…


Yvonne Nelson and Sandra Ankobiah in their hot bikini body shoot….

Nadia Buari’s hot bikini body…..


Yvonne Nelson on her own in another hot bikini body shoot….


Sandra Ankobiah looking absolutely fabulous in her bikini and sarong combo (she’s now a barrister so the fab sarong is appropriate)  


Nadia Buari uber hot in another hot bikini body shoot…..



 Yvonne Nelson again in another hot bikini body shoot….

And another.......

Asem….and another.... ….


Ok… I’m tired Yvonne Nelson wins with another hot bikini look…
Its official….Yvonne Nelson is the WINNER of the thin gal bikini-off


 Paulina Opoku-Gyimah says: Whilst the world gets to grips with Kim Kardashian’s errrmmm ‘Bucket List’ –sorry the infamous listssssssssssss of celebrity men (not counting the numerous mere mortals) Kim Kardashian has slept with (I truly feel for her –it’s nobody’s business) ….I’m intrigued by a phenomenon that’s been sweeping our sweet Motherland Ghana for a short while ….yep it’s a sort of ‘competitive weight loss’ thingy that taken a hold of our female celebrates…  

I think it was sometime in 2012 –around springtime when I saw a photograph of socialite and presenter of Fashion 101Sandra Ankobiah looking uber svelte. It wasn’t alarming as such, only I also noticed her BFF beautiful Ghanaian actress Yvonne Nelson who was also in said photo -was notably thinner.

There’s nothing new about competitive dieting or weight loss amongst celebrity friends –think socialite Paris Hilton and fashion designer Nicole Richie… What is new ---is the way it’s taking over Ghana –a country that used to celebrates curvy women!!!

It’s no secret that new barrister Sandra Ankobiah and Yvonne Nelson are BFF’s or not as some blogs and websites are claiming ---but seeing these two transform their bodies at breakneck speed, not that they were big before –only they appear noticeably leaner - is second only to the wow-jaw-dropping mega weight loss by former curvy Ghanaian goddess -film star Nadia Buari.

We’ve all seen those hot photos of Nadia out and about in the States –looking leaner and happier –and though some claim it’s because she went to the States to have a baby and had to lose weight fast afterwards (gossip I soooooo don’t believe) –I think she looks great.

Still it’s not only Nadia Buari, Yvonne Nelson or Sandra Ankobiah losing weight at breakneck speed.

Songstress Jane Awindor aka Efya looks like she's gotten thinner and thinner –with many claiming its because of habitual cocaine use –something I personally don’t believe as I’ve always seen her as naturally thin ---but the biggest weight loss crown has got to go to Ghana Rising fave, beloved Ghanaian actress Nana Ama Mcbrown.

Nana Ama Mcbrown has been losing weight for some time –but I noticed that after the untimely sad death of her beloved father Papa Kofi Mcbrown, –she’s gotten noticeably thinner –still it suits her.

A notable mention also goes out to actress Juliet Ibrahim who’s looking a lot healthier and BFF’s actress Ama K Abebrese and TV presenter Chantelle Richardson –who seem to have gotten smaller –still they look good and it suits them.

As I’ve said in the past, the pressures on Western actresses to stay thin, eat better, look younger etc, etc are now plaguing Ghanaian female celebrities –whom I hasten to add are doing all the aforementioned with a much smaller budget unless they have the ubiquitous (wink, wink ) ‘money man’ or are part of an elite group of Ghanaian women who are errrmmm flown to Nigeria on private jets –most weekends  to errrmmmm entertain various governors of various States or the other (wink, wink)….  Let’s keep it real we all know them!!!!

So what can be causing our once sexy curvy ladies to go thin and then be photographed in the ubiquitous ‘thin gal’ bikini, something Sandra Ankobiah, Yvonne Nelson and Nadia Buari have all done alongside –natural thin singer Deborah Vanessa?? --I don’t know!!! ……
But I’m thinking…. with the likes of uber petite actress Helen Asante of Adam’s Apple fame and uber tinny Ghana Rising fave, TV presenter/ fashion designer/model tuned singer – Deborah Vanessa Owusu Bonsu aka sister Deborah lusted over and celebrated by the Ghanaian public –it’s not surprising that thin is becoming the new beauty standard. Plus with pressures from celebrated mainstream actresses abroad ---adding more fuel to said craze, it’s not surprising that uber thin is now fashionable and aspirational in Ghana…

My thoughts…... well as you all know… I’m struggling with my own weight issues –and would like to wake up tomorrow as a size eight, clear and glowing skinned fairy princess (mercy) and see nothing wrong with women wanting to look their healthy –that’s the word -best, – but I hope to never read stories about anorexic Ghanaian actresses.  Full stop!!!


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