Thursday, 13 June 2013

The Next Big Name in Photography: Francis Kokoroko

© Francis Kokoroko

Paulina Opoku-Gyimah says: This iconic image credited as, “Chinos on sale outside the confines of a construction site” taken by photographer Francis Kokoroko in Kokomlemle, Accra Ghana is not obviously beautiful -but it is!!! It is in my humble opinion reminiscent of some of the best images I’ve seen editorial wise in high end fashion shopping pages.
The way Francis Kokoroko has managed to capture this aspirational ‘shop’, -the perfect ‘apple’ green background and the simple but elegantly way the chino trousers, all differing variations of browns,  creams and khaki, -have been hanged using cheap throwaway metal hangers, the type we stylists warn people about –is unexpectedly aesthetically beautiful..

There’s a group of people called forecasters –and their sole aim/job is the travel the globe in search of inspiration and naturally occurring trends like this and they will go bananas over this image. Their findings be it images or actual things like retro leather bags found in flea markets in Peru etc trickle down and become future trends –guiding the fashion world and beyond.

Anyway I’ll stop waffling on –only I love this image and have starting to follow and recognise Francis Kokoroko’s work ---which has a lovely almost dreamlike quality them. And unlike most Ghana based photographers, -he has no ‘lighting’ problems and travel all over Africa to achieve his ‘look and style’. 

I’m going to add Francis Kokoroko to my list of people I want to work with regards to portraits and landscape photography –and advice you all to keep an eye on his blog which showcases all his fabulous photographic and travel happenings and some of the most incredible images of every day street life –I’ve ever seen in Ghana via:

Ghana Rising is predicting that Francis Kokoroko is the next big thing in photography.
**Credit: the above photo comes courtesy of © Francis Kokoroko

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