Saturday, 8 June 2013

Next Big Thing in Rap Music: Clara Opoku

Clara Opoku


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Paulina Opoku-Gyimah says: Love the name Opoku –don’t you!!! Anyway uber new to La Ghana Rising blog’s radar is beautiful dreadlocked Clara Opoku!!! Born in Sunyani and plugged as a ‘hip-hop and Afro-Pop and Rap’ artist, her genre of music may not be nothing new but ---Clara Opoku is a breath of fresh air in an industry full-to-bursting with male egos…

Described as, “Lady Clara Opoku,was born on 21st April,1981 in Sunyani which is part of Ghana.She's passionate about poetry and music. Being a gifted and talented artiste through the Arts which she believe that what brings her joy as well a work for livelihood.She's being on diverse platforms as part of the gig life-style and also have been on so many radios and television stations across the regions of Ghana and beyond. She also enjoy family life and her music !

I’m loving the above tune Musick, you can download it at:

Clara Opoku can most defiantly rap and has a sweet voice plus she makes music for the living (you can’t go wrong with that –can you) –so Ghana Rising is keeping its fingers crossed –that Clara doesn’t go the way of most of Ghanaian female rappers/ artist and makes it –Amen!!

I see big things for Clara Opoku –and will be keeping my Ghana Rising eyes on this talent.

For more info about Clara Opoku visit: and

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