Sunday, 9 June 2013

Photography & Lifestyle: Nana Annan Photography

©Nana Annan Photography - 2011
Info:  Tea Party Wedding.
Venue: Lady Mendl's, NY City
Wedding Design and Coordination: Fete Atelier

Paulina Opoku-Gyimah says: I stumbled upon this lovely image by Nana Annan and just had to share it with you.

I love details as you all know but I’m also about the image transporting me to the highest highs –and this lush, scrumptious image of ok....I know…. ….elegant vintage teapots --makes me dream!!!
The way Nana Annan has captured the luscious, hand-painted antique teapots in such plush surroundings –means you don’t have to be there to know the clients have style –and didn’t compromise on their big day. 

I’m now wondering if they are Meissen Teapots? Also, I’m wondering why Ghanaians don’t tend to add tea –even if it’s something as light as herbal tea –in delectable vintage floral teapots like the ones above, with similar cups and saucers on to their wedding table settings, it would look soooo good –and wet-the-appetite!!

It’s amazing really, I’m probably showing my real age here –but when I was growing up, black photographers just weren’t know for detailed delicate still life images like this, –just images of inner-city sufferings, hip-hop artists and shanty towns. I’m soooo glad things have moved on and we can be all that we want to be ---basically, appreciating beauty in all forms.

Anyway I’ll stop waffling on and alert you to Nana Annan’ s talents –which includes being a fab wedding photographer and the go-to photographer of choice for new born babies and all those pregnancy mementos. 
I’ve now added Nana Annan to my list of people I would love to work with –with regards to still life ---hopefully in the not too distant future!!!

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