Saturday, 15 June 2013

Paul Boadi of NVA Entertainment and business partner Chris Nathaniel are cleared of murder….

Christopher Nathaniel and Paul Boadi

Sports agent cleared over Blackberry phone murder...
A sports agent who worked with Rio Ferdinand and Jay Z has been cleared of murdering an 18-year-old in a revenge attack over a stolen phone.

Danny O'Shea was stabbed in the neck in December 2011 after being chased by a group over the stolen blackberry.

Christopher Nathaniel and seven others were cleared of murder and conspiracy to commit grievous bodily harm.

Nugent Rowe, from Pinner, north-west London, was found guilty at the Old Bailey and will be sentenced on Friday.

The court head that Mr O'Shea was stabbed yards from his mother's home in Canning Town, east London, in 2011.

During the trial it was heard that defendant Paul Boadi, 34, had been attacked by up to seven men when his phone was stolen the week before Mr O'Shea's murder.

It was alleged he spoke to his business partner Mr Nathaniel, 40, and arranged to return to the area with another eight men to hunt for those responsible.

In his defence, Rowe, 29, said the intention was to give people a punch and a slap.

During the case it was heard that Mr Nathaniel had previously helped Tony Blair launch an anti-knife crime campaign and founded The Rio Ferdinand Living the Dream Foundation with the footballer.

He also set up the NVA Entertainment group in 2005 and reportedly brokered a deal between England footballer Ashley Cole and rap star Jay Z in 2011, which saw the pair meet in New York to plan the building of a new London restaurant.

The defendants, who were cleared of murder and conspiracy to commit grievous bodily harm, are:

  • Christopher Nathaniel, 40, and Paul Boadi, 34, of Docklands, east London
  • David Hylton, 47, from Holborn, central London
  • Andrew Johnson, 35, Paul Johnson, 33, both from Harrow, north-west London
  • Ferron Perue, 24, from Birmingham
  • Kevin Richards, 32, from Harlesden, north London
  • Scott Marius, 44, from Clinton Villas, west London.
  • O'Neil Wareham, 30, of Harrow, north-west London was also cleared of conspiracy to commit grievous bodily harm


More info:
Paul Boadi is a Black British music and entertainment agent and entrepreneur. He is currently the Joint CEO of NVA Holdings along with Chris Nathaniel. NVA Holdings has seven divisions specialising in different areas: NVA Entertainment Group, NVA Management, 2NV Records, 2NV Marketing and Promotions, Next generation TV and Film, and NVA Education. Since it was founded in 2004, Group companies have been involved in major projects for clients Rio Ferdinand, Coca Cola, Sony PlayStation, Usain Bolt, BlackBerry, John Terry, and Usher. Source:

Chris Nathaniel is a music promoter, sports agent and former DJ. He founded NVA Entertainment Group in 2005 with his partner Paul Boadi. In June 2012, Nathaniel, along with Boadi and seven other men, was charged with the murder of an 18 year-old London man in December of the previous year. Source:

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  1. Boadi said that he and 8 others returned to give the "robbers" a "punch and a slap". With a KNIFE? This Ghanian ( who chooses nationality to suit any purpose) is a multi millionaire who jet-sets around the world and yet chooses to pick an armed posse to reclaim a Blackberry? He professes to speak for "good causes" . He is a self-aggrandising individual who has nothing good to offer. He is a highly dangerous individual.