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The Spirit: DSP Kofi Sarpong


Iesu Me Gyefo Ne Wo.avi



“Aseda Nnwom” by Dsp Kofi Sarpong


DSP Kofi Sarpong's inspirational moment


From selling kenkey to becoming the latest gospel sensation, kofi sarpong gives the greatest advice about not giving up and going after your dream.

Paulina Opoku-Gyimah says: I stumbled upon dapper gospel artist Kofi Sarpong on Klear TV (Sky 232) some time back –only I didn’t clock his name! Fast forward five months or so and I’m watching Kwaku Owusu-Frimpong’s must-watch ‘Focus On Ghana’ on Vox Africa (Sky 218) and he was covering a gospel concert that took place in London( I think) …and low-and-behold there he was, -all fabulous and authentic –the gospel artist Kofi Sarpong holding my gaze –something that rarely happens with gospel artists.

From his touching heartfelt songs to his dapper style, I couldn’t stop watching him!!! There’s something about this elegant man –no??? There is something very touching and very authentic about Kofi Sarpong and I’m captivated!!!

Channelling the verve of Osofo Dadzie, the intellectual wit of Kwasi Kyei Darkwah aka KKD and the interminable elegance and innate style of Oswald Boateng, Kofi Sarpong is a wonder to behold ---so I dug deeper.

Wow what an inspiration!!! From a childhood of struggles; having to sell food before he could make enough money to go to school ---to becoming a police officer ---and now a Ghanaian national treasure –a much loved gospel artist!!! 

Kofi Sarpong’s an incredible man, someone my mother would call a Krachi. I truly see the glory of God in Kofi Sarpong’s life and would pay good money to see him in concert -not something I can say about many artists –be they gospel or secular artists.

Ghana Rising is now a huge of Kofi Sarpong’s uplifting music and hopes to see him in concert in London and beyond –very soon. God continue to Bless you Kofi Sarpong.....

The following quotes are taken from News1 Ghana…….
“Kofi Sarpong said he was thankful to God for the nomination and expressed the hope that if “it falls within the divine purpose of God”, he would take the award home …..As I have always said, I see this more of a ministry than a career. When I hear people sing my songs or I perform somewhere and I see people praising God with my songs, I feel very appreciative that God can use me as an instrument of praise and point of contact to reach His people.”

“Kofi Sarpong, an accomplished senior police officer said he once sold kenkey for a living and that he gave God all the glory for taking  him this far.

Kofi Sarpong said while in secondary school, life got so tough that he would wake up at dawn and personally prepare ‘Asikyire Dokono’, sugar kenkey, a popular delicacy in some parts of Ghana, and then move from one street to another selling.

He would carry the stuff on his head just like any other hawker.

He said he used to sing for persons who bought his kenkey so as to attract more customers.

“People who know me at Berekum are my witnesses. Never in my life did I dream of getting to where I have reached today; it is just by the grace of God that I have reached this far because life was so tough that even in secondary school form-five, I used to prepare Asikyire Dokono by myself to sell so that I could get some money to pay my fees,” the DSP disclosed.

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