Saturday, 15 June 2013

Invest Now: The exquisite Art of Jonathan Kwegyir Aggrey……

Still Life, Poster colour on paper 7 x 5 inches by Jonathan Kwegyir Aggrey


Local Onions 10 x 14 Watercolour by Jonathan Kwegyir Aggrey


The Shore Play (Up close) 19 x 27 inches, watercolour by Jonathan Kwegyir Aggrey


Sunset Bay, Winneba Beach 10 x 14 inches, Watercolor by Jonathan Kwegyir Aggrey


Apam shoreline Watercolor, 21 x 56 cm by Jonathan Kwegyir Aggrey


End of the Day 16 x 22 inches by Jonathan Kwegyir Aggrey



Old Man, Charcoal on paper by Jonathan Kwegyir Aggrey


Achimota Golf Court (Sketch) Watercolor 10 x 14 inches by Jonathan Kwegyir Aggrey


Dusk at Pokuase Village, 2007. Watercolour. 15 x 22 inches by Jonathan Kwegyir Aggrey


Paulina Opoku-Gyimah says: I’m going to get straight to the point; I’m in love with Jonathan Kwegyir Aggrey’s beautiful art!!! Powerfully evocative, they have transported me back to my walk-about-run-around carefree childhood on the Fante coast and beyond.

There’s a real dreamlike quality to Jonathan Kwegyir Aggrey’s art. From his stunning still-lifes to his incredible studies of boats and fishermen and their wives in Winneba and Apam –to numerous everyday settings in various villages, Jonathan Kwegyir Aggrey’s art pieces are truly beautiful.

I believe Jonathan Kwegyir Aggrey’s work is the next big thing in art and have no idea if he has an agent in Ghana or beyond but and urge you to check it work out and invest before it’s impossible to buy his art in Ghana….

I’m crazy about his still-lifes and the boats….. And I’m thinking that  Achimota Golf club needs to buy that lush watercolour of their club lobby –sharpish..

For more details or to purchase any of Jonathan Kwegyir Aggrey’s waterworks above visit:

More info:
Jonathan Kwegyir Aggrey, the youngest of eight siblings, was born in 1984 and brought up in Ashaiman. He received his basic education at Ashaiman Presbyterian School and at Ashaiman Senior Secondary School, where he studied visual art.

When he was about five years old he knew that he wanted to be an artist.

Jonathan Kwegyir Aggrey, the youngest of eight siblings, was born in 1984 and brought up in Ashaiman. He received his basic education at Ashaiman Presbyterian School and at Ashaiman Senior Secondary School, where he studied visual art.

He generally spent his weekends and holidays roaming with a sketchpad and colored pencils, watching roadside artists working and drawing action figures on posters. Sometimes he was punished for staying out late. After watching he always tried to draw something and colour it when he got home. Therefore he found himself working as a part time roadside apprentice painter when about ten or eleven years old. His family and friends did not discourage his early efforts but rather visualized his potential and realised that he had to be an artist.

He continued to study and work as a roadside artist from 1995 to 2003, when he completed Senior Secondary School (Ashaisec) . He moved to Accra and met his mentor, Mr. Enoch Yaw Mensah of Freehand Studio, with whom he has been studying for some time living in Pokuase, the natural environment had a profound effect on him, bringing about a change of heart, inspiring him to be mainly an ‘en plein air’ artist with watercolour as the only medium which challenges and inspires him to continue on his endless journey of exploring lands near and far, finding inspiration in people and places.

Jonathan likes to work in all kinds of media but is best known for watercolour. This medium pushes him to think and work fast. However, in order to understand the nature of the medium he explores the techniques and applications of other experienced artists and learns how they express themselves in paint. Jonathan has had the privilege of ‘ tete –a-tetes’ with both local and international artists to share, study ,and increase his understanding. He also has taken a special short-term course for practicing artists at the University of Education, Winneba.

Every one of Jonathan’s paintings is an expression of how and what he thinks and how and what he feels. If a particular composition does not result in a painting that impresses him, then he abandons it because he believes that he has to impress himself first before he can hope to impress others.

Some of his paintings are fuzzy while others are in loose washes. He sincerely believes that good art work is not a matter of fashion, formula, or fantasy, but an expression of honest emotions. He prays that it may please the Lord, creator of all things…..

**Credit: Please note that all the above art works come courtesy of Jonathan Kwegyir Aggrey


  1. Hi festus here..ive followed your works from facebook and is such a wonder to see our friends working so hard..these paintings expresses daily live activities and the still lifes are very realistic..Thanks for making UEW proud...

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