Saturday, 8 June 2013

Taboo Tattoo: Raquel flashes legs and gets Ghana Rising Blog talking…


Credit: Ghana Music Dot Com

Paulina Opoku-Gyimah says: Personally I’m not a fan of tattoos. Well I used to be until a saw a program on Russian prisons and learnt far too much about how underground it can all get. Plus I believe it tells us not to get tattoos in the Bible.

Really I don’t care what other grownups do with their own bodies….but can somebody tell me what creature or beast or whatever is tattooed onto Ghanaian singer Raquel’s leg????

I know that it’s her own bees-wax but I’m very, very, very surprised –indeedy!!!

With talk of celebrates in Ghana getting into witchcraft and even going as far as not paying the various wizards they visit ---and dare I say it ---joining various lodges (wink, wink) –and looking for membership into the Illuminatiiii (I suggest they chill-out with the last two, as said groups come to you as opposed to you going to them )….this errrmmm otherworldly looking tattoo will only get Ghana’s moral class –chattering.

Whatever possessed her to get into tattoos in the first place? And in uber conservative Ghana!! Controversial me-thinks!!!
I bet the crowd at the Ghana Music Awards ceremony where singer Raquel was photographed errmmm –doing her thing (???) above were left speechless... –mind you, probably in more ways than one!!!!  I like Raquel and all ---but its all getting tooooooooooo much!!!

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