Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Luxe Interiors: How to decorate your home with antique Ghanaian ceremonial stools…..

Judy Blume’s beautiful home
Source Architectural Digest (

Will and Jada Pinkett Smith beautiful home…… (Antique Ghanaian ceremonial stool)

Source Architectural Digest (
Architect Stephen Samuelson
Decorator Judith Lance and Waldo Fernandez
Photography by Roger Davies
Portraits by Art Streiber

**Will and Jada Pinkett Smith’s fabulously clean home in the Santa Monica Mountains near Calabasas, California is uber beautiful –very Marrakech with African art and I’m loving the way they have placed the majestic antique Ghanaian ceremonial stool in the centre of the room –it makes the room pop.


Luxe Interiors: Cecil Hayes beautiful home…… (Antique Ghanaian ceremonial stool)

Cecil Hayes, designer to actors such as Samuel L. Jackson and Wesley Snipes, lives in a house near Boca Raton with her husband, Arzell Powell and the way she has used the ceremonial stool is from Ghana, one on top of the other makes for a really popping statement. Also her use of Kente inspired cushion covers is wonder –adding much colour to her interiors. I’m thinking…some hotels in Ghana need to book Cecil Hayes to add some much needed [Ghanaian] cultural touches to the lacking interiors. Source/Credit: Source Architectural Digest (


Designer and antiques dealer Richard Shapiro’s beautiful Malibu beachfront home…
Source Architectural Digest (



Interior designer Vincent Wolf uses a Ghanaian ceremonial stool as “side table.”


Just lovely.....




Paulina Opoku-Gyimah says: Two weeks ago whilst my Jojo was off school we walked past one of those junk shops that I’m crazy about and I sort of lost my mind.

Omgoodness, you're not going to believe this ....but I spotted an antique Ghanaian ceremonial stool and lost my mind…Anyway you can all guess what happened next!!

Before you can say jack rabbit we were in the shop (my Jojo “hates shops like that”) and I managed to haggle down the price, –yes I know its old blah, blah, blah –to just under £35 and I carried it –African styleee onto the number 82 bus, laid it on the floor in the buggy section (I refused to acknowledge the weird stares and advised Jojo likewise) and unfortunately had to stand all the way home (mercy).. Still it was worth it.

There’s a little bit of damage but it only adds to its majestic beauty, only …I’m now wondering which of our colonial fathers smuggled it out of the ‘Gold Coast’??

I’m ashamed to say that .......even though said stool takes pride of place in our uber small living room -its now covered in all-sorts (think Jojo’s books, some wax print samples, a glass jar full of colourful paperclips etc) ---I'll leave it there..

Anyway I love our [Ghanaian] ceremonial stools and go crazy when I see them in some of the most beautiful homes in the world via the internet or interior magazines …but I’m always surprised by how little they feature in Ghanaian interiors.

Flick through images of beautiful hotels, resorts or spas in South Africa and you will see one yummy room after another with commissioned furniture, African art and the must-have Ghanaian ceremonial stools but not in Ghana ...nada –I just don’t get it!!!

Anyway I thought I would share a few images of how Ghanaian ceremonial stools can be used to add pizzazz to your homes and beyond… Enjoy.  


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  2. These are beautiful stools...I wish I could find them at a more resonable cost...I would love to showcase these in my home