Sunday, 9 June 2013

Luxury Real Estate & Lifestyle: J.Hampton Group’s Vanguard Heights promise to be the most fashionable address in Accra, Ghana.



Vanguard Properties Development Company Ltd, a member of the Vanguard Group is happy to offer this unique state of the art development christened Vanguard Heights as our contribution to the housing development of the country and specifically targeted at those who cherish quality. It is also to send a strong signal to the Ghanaian public and the world at large that Vanguard Properties Development Company Ltd stands for quality. The development is made of two blocks of Seven Storeys each and a total of 36 apartments


Ghana - A Place to Live and Grow
Now is a good time to be in Ghana, land of aesthetic beauty, rich and diverse in culture. With an expanding

economy and political stability, this country is one of Africa’s leading lights. The ever increasing demand for professionals and skilled workers, across all sectors of industry and public services, clearly demonstrates that real opportunities exist for those who come here.

Vanguard Heights reflects their successes and continuing opportunities in Ghana.The developers have recognised that, with senior professionals forging ahead in the business community,the demand for ‘world class’ accommodation has arrived in Ghana.The large picture features Beyin Beach in Western Ghana - one of the many beautiful beaches gracing Ghana’s Atlantic coastline. Inland, away from the beaches, Ghana also boasts a cornucopia of places of outstanding natural beauty, many of them accessible by road or track.


“Every great accomplishment begins with a great idea. Vanguard Heights is the culmination of one such idea offering a true lifestyle experience whilst establishing a number of compelling firsts for superior, luxury accommodation in Ghana.”


It was always the developer’s intention to take Vanguard Heights beyond peoples’ expectations in terms of quality and living standards. Vanguard

Heights can claim to offer the most comprehensive range of facilities of any residential accommodation in Ghana - another first.

The thought process behind Vanguard Heights went far beyond that of constructing two buildings and marketing them on their interior dimensions alone. It is a fully managed and integrated complex enjoying all the following:

• beautiful landscaped gardens and water

• full sized swimming pool and children’s pool
• children’s playground
 • lawn tennis court and squash court
• premier gym, sauna and massage room
• club house with generous entertainment space
• partly submerged pool bar
• barbecue pit

For more info about J.Hampton Group’s Vanguard Heights complex visit:

**Credit all images courtesy of J.Hampton Group


  1. We have to catch up in our goals and try to protect our business and ensure that we use valuable information for our business. If we think anything is not working for in our side, then we should think of a better way to make our working. Always have a better vision for our Real Estate Investment to keep it running well on our side.

  2. Please do not move to this complex! It is incompetently managed by a vindictive company. Eg payment for generator fuel has withheld leaving the residents with no electricity during blackouts. The facilities are unfinished and the pool is a filthy mess! There is rubbish everywhere and security is laughable!