Friday, 6 September 2013

Business & Politics: Komenda Sugar factory

Title: KEEA: Government to revamp Komenda Sugar Factory
Dated: 5-9-2013

The Government of Ghana has sourced 35 million-dollar loan from India for the reconstruction of Komenda Sugar factory in the Komenda-Edina-Eguafo-Abrem (KEEA) District of the Central Region.The Government through the Export Development and Agricultural Investment Fund would also contribute one million dollars towards the project, which would commence before the end of the year.

Mr Haruna Iddrisu, Minister of Trade and Industry, on Wednesday announced these when he paid courtesy calls on the chiefs of Komenda and Dutch Komenda traditional areas, to officially inform them about Government’s readiness to commence work on the factory.
He said the project would be executed by SEFTECH India Private Limited, an Indian based company.

The minister said that the Government has sourced an additional a 24 million -dollar loan from India to start an irrigation project for the growing of sugar cane.

Mr Iddrisu said 1, 5000 acres of land would be used for the planting of sugar cane, out of which 1,000 acres would be owned by the factory whiles 500 would go to out growers.

He said the sugar factory would create jobs and produce raw materials for pharmaceutical and confectionery industries, adding that, currently, the country imports about 300.000 tonnes of sugar.



Paulina says: I want to know….dot, dot, dot…..this borrowing thing….is this something new or is it that as a new convert to the poli-tricks-ical politics of Ghana and Africa as a whole –have never noticed it before?

Am I unique, am I the only one that…whenever I see a certain member of Ghana’s government and the mention of borrowing feels sick –like there’s something really, really wrong!!!!!

I’m a very good Ghanaian girl sooooo I’ll not say everything. I will talk some and leave some, but I know you can read between the lines…. What is going on? Why is it beginning to feel all sooo blatant –right now!!!  

With my very little education…dot, dot, dot…...I’m wondering……is it possible to ever prosper, to advance, and to develop without borrowing millions more monies?

Can we never used the last lot of billions from wherever (please see past post) to develop? Or must we keep borrowing? Are the powers-that-be thinking about the impact of this colossal borrowing on future generations or is it all about the here and now? Also what about the economy and the impact that all this borrowing is having on it!!!!

I wonder also about these figures, where do they get these figures from? Are they the actual amounts of monies needed to fully complete these projects or do the various wink, wink, wink parties involved add a bit more on for their own wink, wink, wink errmmmm……dot, dot, dot?

Is this a matter of “Use some, Chop some” and if sooo when will it stop?  I also want to know what the, “Government’s readiness to commence work on the factory” means!!!

Does that mean that the money is already in hand …dot, dot, dot…….and now (afterthought) they want to commence work or just ‘cut some ribbons’????

Anyways ….if this is an opportunity for job creation and a way for many to sustain ‘living human lives’ in the Komenda-Edina-Eguafo-Abrem (KEEA) District of the Central Region then this is good. Only…… I’m getting sick and tired of the borrowing..  

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