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Music: Interpol is not enough...............................

Title: Ghanaian event organisers report Elephant Man to Interpol

Information available to NEWS-ONE indicates that two Ghanaian event organizers, Bullhaus Entertainment and Rackus Production have reported Jamaican music star, Elephant Man to Interpol over $25,000 fraud case.

The man known as ‘Energy God’ allegedly refused to return an amount of $25,000 the two companies paid him to perform in Ghana. Though Elephant Man did not turn up for the performance, he is reported to have refused to refund the money to the event organisers.

He was supposed to perform in Accra on July 6, at the 2013 edition of Bass Awards by Rackus Productions in collaboration with Bullhaus Entertainment and Solid Multimedia. Elephant Man was paid an amount of $25,000 excluding flight and accommodation, to perform. But the dancehall musician, born O’Neil Bryan, did not show up. Well over a month after the event, the organizers are having a tough time retrieving their money from Elephant Man.

Latest information indicates that the two companies, in their bid to retrieve their money decided to get Interpol involved.


Paulina says: Even though I had no intention of blogging about the Bass Awards (I have my own personal reasons  -also there’s one persona attached to said event who I just can’tttttttttt) –plus I was thinking what many were thinking……there was bound to be a no show by Elephant man---still I’m soooo disgusted that said dancehall artist who I believe managed to make it to this year’s BET Awards...has robbed the organisers behind this years Bass Award... 
I'm thinking maybe Elephant man used the money to pay for his fare and accommodation to the, dot, dot..., I can’t imagine the likes of BET paying for anyone’s airfare never mind accommodation. They don’t even give their African nominees their awards on the actual award's night or in front of the rest of the award crowd -can you believe it!!!!! 
But really, that Elephant man refusing to pay back money he didn’t work for, has no regard for his Ghanaian fans and totally disrespected the organisers, –he needs to be exposed for what he is… Well its now on La Ghana Rising Blog –sooooooooo it’s out there (laughter)…..
Half my family is Jamaican and they are all saying this could never have happened the other way round… the truth is no Jamaican would put up with this bloo*cl***t…

Anyway…..what’s the desperation, what’s the urgency by these Ghana based music event promoters to always get international stars??? Will we never support and celebrate our own??? Also why didn’t they pay Elephant man’s travel fare and accommodations (as stated) then pay him after he performs –like everyone else does???? Team Elephant man probably smelt the desperation and had no respect for the organisers!!!!

Personally I’m over uber disorganised Ghanaian music award shows (always tacky with no shows), Ghanaian concerts (tooo tacky, no shows, no style) or whatevers ---and once dared to blog about what I thought was the ---sooooo not good enough ‘bad organisation’ behind La Ghana Rising fave, Kwaw Kesse’s UK concert –set to take place in some really small venues, with no budget, not promotion, no write-ups----- and watch the response ooOOoo (please note, I blogged about said event because I love Kwaw Kesse)!!!!

I had some serious phone callsssssss oooOOo, some threats by said organisers about them coming to my house etc etc…. and you know what ---me and the man behind said event are now friendsssss (laughter)…

I’m not easy ooOOOoo, by the time I finished telling said organiser to bring it ---to bring it and I would finish it, the event sort of naturally fell apart –a big shame but when you are dealing with small funds –a bunch of hustlers not bent on producing something beautiful, successful or entertaining but purely about SIKA –it’s going to turn out like the latest Ghana music award UK fiasco, sooo shameful, sooo bad for the reputation of Ghanaian music promoters…never mind the Ghanaian community!!!!  

Anyway I’m thinking it’s a good idea for said event organisers to go to Interpol but it’s all toooo safe for me… far toooo bashful for my liking. They need to get active. They need to write to UK’s Voice newspaper and the Gleaner. They need to google and find a list of Jamaica’s top newspapers and get in touch with their commissioning editors and get talking.

They need to start making the right the noise (yes there’s a right noise and a wrong noise) sooo that media outlets like Ghana’s Joy News which is presently on UK Sky’s 290 ABN channel, BET, MTV etc can start talking about this…then it would be all about going to Jamaica and doing some TV –then it must be left alone ooOOOo… because one must know when to leave a fight alone but right now it’s only a start, Interpol is only the beginning…  

The idea that Elephant man who’s no longer at the top of his game –thinks he has f&@%$-over some people in Ghana ---gets on my nerves….all I can say is that he didn’t meet me or my fellow market women ooOoo.....

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