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Ghana’s Majestic Past/History in Photographs: Ghana in the 1870s


In the inner of an Ashanti homestead (today Ghana) 1837



A woman from Éwaffé, a village with at that time frequently visited, permanent marketplace in the hinterland of the Gold Coast. The bead on the back side of the clothing the woman was also called "Cul de Paris" and was at that time an internationally popular fad in women's clothing. 1873



A wife of the king of Dwabin (Ashanti, today Ghana) 1873



The "Dikeresse" (Woman in chief rank?) of Sokore (Ashanti, today Ghana) 1873

The "Dikeresse" (Woman in chief rank?) of Assoutchué (Ashanti, today Ghana) 1873




Ashanti chiefs 1873



Traditional priest of the Ashanti in performing a religious ceremony -1873




Ashanti warrior 1873


Vue d'Elmina, 1874




British bombardment of Elmina 1873, London News Picture Library of July 19



The Royal Orchestra of the Okyenhene (King of Akyem-Abuakwa) Amoako Atta I (reigned 1866-1887)

“Houssa Officers” (Officers of the British Haussa brigades stationed on the Gold Coast) 1870s -- Attribution: The National Archives UK


“Quittah market.” Keta 1870s


The 'Hall of Justice' in Kumasi Palace in bad condition - Late 19th or early 20th century
“Abokobi - German Missionary Station.” 1870s

“Grinding Corn.” 1870s


“King Sackely and Suite.” Gold Coast 1870s

“King of Pram Pram, Fietish priest and his wives and chiefs.” 1870s



“Bayan Tree - Akropong.” 1870s


“Addah - Post and Customs Offices.” (Ada Foah) 1870s


 “Fort Anamabu” 1870s




“Landing place, Cape Coast.” (In front of Cape Coast Castle) 1870s


“Elmina River” (View from Saint George's Castle over Elmina with the river Benja) 1870s



“Connor's Hill, Cape Coast.” 1870s


“Gothic House, Cape Coast (Customs, Prison and Supreme Court.)” 1870s


“Trimming mahogany logs, Axim.” 1870s


“Group taken in the Fort at Anamabu. The Governor and party and part of Houssa Escort.”



“Chief Executioner & British Commissioner Coomassie.” Kumasi1870s



“Camped in the Forest Mansu.” 1870s


“Uguanttah Main Street.” Uguanttah, Gold Coast 1870s


“Bantamah King's cemetery & Place of Execution. The place of execution.” Bantama1870s
“Bantamah Kings Cemetery” (the mausoleum of the Ashanti kings in Bantama) 1870s



“New Secretarial buildings at Victoriaborg. S.E. aspect.” (Victoriaborg was the former government quarter of Accra.) 1870s? 


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