Sunday, 22 September 2013

La Dolce Vita: After a second home abroad? Check out Ocean Green Beach Villas in Prampram Ghana…….

Work being carried out in Prampram Ghana on the construction of Ocean Green Beach Villas..

“Have a look at our Ocean Green Beach Villas Prampram. We identify 3 types of villas and can include private pool if so desired. Each house has 2 parking spaces. Each house also has over 82 m2 additional built space for Terrace, Patio and Exterior Moonlight bathing. The design and architecture are French and Ghanaian expertise, blending luxury, beauty and creating a tranquil tropical garden of serenity overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. The villas are spacious built on large beach plots measuring up to over 12.000 square feet approximately 1.200m2.” Ocean Green Beach Villas Prampram

Paulina says: Are you hankering after your very own beach front villa? Are you thinking about investing in a holiday property abroad? If sooo think Ghana, think the lovely beaches of Prampram, in the Volta region along Ghana’s lush coast and get in touch with the good people at Ghana Green Coast Company (GGCC) for more information about the above delectable Ocean Green Beach Villas.

An elegant environmentally sound green development set within a secure gated community, theses luxury villas offer a safe, sound investment for those looking for a second home or a holiday let to bring in extra income..

Ocean Green Beach Villas save on energy and cost by using solar energy for hot water instead of electricity boilers, floor cooling instead of air conditioners and rainwater instead op pipe born water by using innovative renewable energy solutions by Dutch company BTI (

I can picture it already -can't you!!!! Can you imagine summer holidays filled with yummy alfresco living on the beach? Can you see your family barbecuing in your very own back yard –just a few feet away from the beach? If you're after La Dolce Vita Ghana styleeee visit the Ocean Green Beach Villas website via:


More Info
Green Beach Villas, Prampram is a project of The Ghana Green Coast Company. We offers homes with a global concept that is unique in properties and resorts.

Mission is to make and accelerate growth of Profit, growth of our society and People and protect our environment Planet.

Welcome to Ghana, the glamorous West African country, of Kwame Nkrumah fame; rich in history; diverse and rich in culture; beautiful landscape; clean beaches; natural forests; the land of the kente cloth; and many more exciting sights, events, adventure, and activities.

Green Beach Villas, Prampram is a project of The Ghana Green Coast Company (GGCC). We offers second homes with a global concept that is unique in – Hotel, Residential Properties and Resorts - to let you enjoy the spirit of Ghana regularly according to own preferences, but also as a perfect investment.

Green Beach Villas, Prampram is a high quality beach villa estate just out of Accra, with scenic sea view surrounded by coconut palm trees.

A closed compound with bespoke villa units in a well-kept garden.

Drive over for a rejuvenating weekend’s stay and you’ll feel as if you are on holiday.

A great way to spend time with family and friends but also investment for good income returns.

A luxury villa estate and gated community for people of discerning taste, for own use and for income.


Why Prampram?
The development of the Ocean Green Beach Villa’s Project site in Prampram was born out of the need by the promoters to utilize their collective experience in developing a unique energy efficient, eco-friendly, uniquely designed and beautifully landscaped beach front “Paradise” for people of discerning taste, the recognition by the promoters of the lack of secure leisure recreational villa homes and the opportunity available to fill that market void, the increasing realty development boom, gradual shift away from the overcrowded Accra city to locations within 30 minutes to an hour’s drive from Accra, which makes the Prampram location ideal and the ability to obtain above average returns on investment and opportunity of replicating the project concept in the Country and beyond.

Prampram absorbs the economic and demographic overflow from Accra and Tema metropolis. Strategically, Prampram is suitable connected for working, living and recreating. Ghana Football Academy is located here, Tema Golf Club is a stone throw, the International highway (Aflao road) connecting Ghana, Ivory Coast,Togo, Nigeria and Benin passes by, Polo Club, Central University, scenic beaches, good connectivity to Ada estuaries, Shai Hills, Akosombo, Accra City, Malls and shops make Prampra first class choice.

Besides, the Government of Ghana has indicated its firm intention of relocating the Ghana's capital International Airport to Prampram. When completed, the Airport will be just 15 to 20 minutes’ drive from the Beach Villa Estates.

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