Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Shillons Delicatessen –fast becoming the numero uno go-to delicatessen for haute ingredients in Ghana (and probably West Africa)….

“An exciting new delicatessen in Accra, offering imported cheeses, cooked meats and other speciality produce combining local Ghanaian ingredients to tempt any palate.” Shillons Delicatessen

Paulina says: Are desperately homesick for some posh nosh somewhere in the Accra metropolis? Head to Shillons Delicatessen situated in Awulutey Street, Accra, Ghana and you’ll be as right-as-rain…

Offering a host of yummy fare including: Italian sausage and ham tortelloni, smoked salmon pâté, mushrooms and fresh double cream, (when in season) raspberries or strawberries and cream, rhubarb to make your favourite crumble or just topped with yogurt, Parma ham, smoked haddock fishcakes, Wensleydale with cranberry cheese, Brussels pâté, kettle chips and sour cream dip, olives and sun-dried tomatoes,  gruyere, pancetta and creme fraiche, –omgoodness the list goes on and on...

Oh and not forgetting Cumberland and Lincolnshire sausages, Salmon & dill or Ham & mushroom quiches, fresh scones, English marmalade, UK crisps, dried cranberries, wasabi nuts, pumpkin seeds, raw pecans, sunflower seeds, marmite flavour cashews, the best cappuccino in Accra apparently, some yummy Mr Kipling cakes (asem there goes the diet) –and the best English and continental breakfast and posh sandwiches in Ghana, -Shillons Delicatessen is a must for the homesick and all those looking for gourmet food in Ghana. For more info visit:

Please note you can also order Shillons Delicatessen’s yummy faire via Hello Food Ghana at:

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