Sunday, 1 September 2013

Tourism & Architecture: Gilou Bar and Restaurant –adding to Takoradi’s growing list of elegant bars and hotels…

Paulina says: Ahhhhhhh Takoradi ……..‘Ghana’s very own Oil City’…never ceases to amaze me. Definitely much sexier than Kumasi could ever hope to be, some of the high-end bars and hotels springing up in said city are a wonder to behold!!!

Anyway I was told about Gilou Bar and Restaurant way back but couldn’t find any photos or website or what have yousss --so I left it..

Fast forward I think a year or so and they have a Facebook page –which in all honesty might have always been there but with few LIKES was always going to be a drop in the ocean ----and now I have photos, soooo I’m sharing…

From the lovely photographs above --which were uploaded in 2011 and we all know how much things/services/bars/people/government can change in a short space of time in our sweet Motherland Ghana – I think it best to call them and see what they offer etc etc because one Fanti-tightrope-walker raving about a bar does not make for the ‘hottest bar in Takoradi!!!!

Plus as I now make a point of visiting TripAdvisor before sharing hotels and bars etc –I didn’t find anything on there about Gilou Bar and Restaurant but as my friend has the most impeccable taste ---I have decided to still share this elegant bar with you -and here’s to predicting that like many businesses celebrated here on La Ghana Rising blog, Gilou Bar and Restaurant is about to go stellar.

For more info or to contact the good people at Gilou Bar and Restaurant visit:

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