Sunday, 3 August 2014

A Must Read: The Casablanca Report

"The 'EBOLA' Show finally hits Ghana!"


"The US EMBASSY TWEET Saga! America Feels The Pain!"

"LET'S OCCUPY...[A Red Friday Issue]."

"A VERY SPECIAL EDITION (For my True Ghanaian Folk)."

 "The Voluntary Exile Dossier
[Photographs from my Hideout]. Sitting behind my exile desk with an arguably perpetual view from outside. My "layman" stance fused with paranoiac lividity (hence the back shot). The pen bloats and my hands quiver as i pen those "socio politico" vicious words to permeate the hearts of those cold hearted underwater temperature genetically modified sharks. Excuse my English . I'm a journalist by choice and not related to the Queen. God save Ghana." Layman Lynch "

"The Casablanca Report is a ruthless news sniffing, scandal chasing, whistle blowing, lie shoving, ordinary folk mounting platform newspaper." Layman Lynch
Paulina says: Just discovered Journalists Layman Lynch's *The Casablanca Report* via Facebook and had to share...
This genius of a satirical hub [I don't care what some say], is fast becoming the go-to-site for all things *political-in-Ghana* ----and, as far as I'm concerned, ---proving to be the [sad] truth..
Note, *The Casablanca Report* isn't just funny, or a collection of really fab illustrations --it is also relevant and brave, at a time when many Ghanaians are afraid to speak out.
For more info about *The Casablanca Report* visit:
More Info
Layman Lyndon Lynch is "Satirist". A hyper strenuous protagonist of the Truth Deserves Attention Coalition. A half fiction, half non-fictional character who poses as a freelance journalist where required, a social commentary initiator and practitioner and a very reserved layman. "The Casablanca Report" represents his thoughts, ideas and analysis and it's a platform to present stinging satires on Ghanaian and African politics.

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