Sunday, 17 August 2014

Justice, Law & Order: Free Dominic Owusu

Title: Man jailed 5 years for stealing plaintain
Dated: 17-8-2014

A Tarkwa Circuit Court has sentenced Dominic Owusu, a 50-year-old electrician, to five years imprisonment with hard labour for stealing three bunches of plantain.

The convict, who was recently released from prison for committing a similar offence, pleaded guilty.
Prosecuting, Police Chief Inspector Florence Tawiah told the court,presided by Mr. Justice Samuel Obeng Diawuo, that the complainant,  Mr Franklin Kwesi, is a security officer at a branch of the Ahantaman Rural Bank ,at Tarkwa, while the accused resided at Aboso in the Prestea Huni/valley District.

She said on July 3, Philomina Baidoo, a food stuff trader, returned from a business trip late in the night and left three bunches of plantain in the care of the complainant, who was then on duty at the premises of the bank.

Chief Inspector Tawiah said the complainant placed the plantain under a table on the pavement in front of the bank and took shelter in the security booth.
She said at about 4pm, the complainant did not find the plantain when he went out to the pavement to look for it under the table.
Chief Inspector Tawiah said while the complainant was searching for the plantain, she saw Dominic in front of a shop opposite the bank with a loaded fertilizer sack beside him.

She said the complainant confronted Dominic and demanded to know the content of the sack.
Chief Inspector Tawiah said the accused, sensing danger, confessed that he stole the three bunches of plantain and hid them in the fertilizer sack.

She said the accused led the complainant and some witnesses to the spot where he removed the plantain from their stalks where they found three stalks there.

Chief Inspector Tawiah said the complainant, with the help of the witnesses, arrested the accused and handed him over to the Police.

Source: GNA


Paulina says: Its not everyday I confess this ----especailly as someone who loves my community very much, dot, dot......I'm Blessed to have been born in London,, dot, dot, there ----I've said it!!!

In England, we still believe everybody has a background/story/circumances/influences etc etc, whether foriengers agree or not.. There is still a level of compassion -something I used to believe about us Ghanaians, --but slowly but surely ----it seems years of incompetancy, rubbish governance, rising poverty and unrelenting unemployment has taken the heart out of Ghana -and we are now treating our 'own' --the majority poor ---anyhow!!! Infact if you are part of the majority poor, and do not have access to a member of Ghana's ruling classes -you've had it --as we say in north London...

Reading the above trite has made me sick. In England folk would have looked into this mans circumstances.... Is he well, does he have learning difficulties, --does he have a family? Is he able to look after himself etc etc?

He was in prison previously, -is he a career criminal or just not well???? The little we do know about him is that he is honest --he did confess --no?

Its funny --ok not funny, but very telling that Ghanaian judges let preaching child rapists off but sentance poor people to five years in jail for stealing plantain....ah den???? Thank God for God --these unfeeling judges will get theres in full -Amen. But in the mean time --we need some of the humans in Ghana --just one or two of those in power who still have hearts to look into this bloodc***t of a case and sort it out ---what kind of justice it this?

They need to release this poor man immediately.....with immediate effect.....What kind of bull & s**t and spiritual underground games are going on in Ghana? If this is justice --I don't want to know!!! And if stealing plaintains is considered news worthy in Ghana -with the likes of Ebola looming very dimly [I hope] on the horizon ---then our sweet homeland Ghana is in serous trouble.....

The level of Kwasiasem coming out of Ghana is begining to grate......

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