Sunday, 17 August 2014

Love & Wellbeing: Don't look for good/honest/real Ghanaian man on *Dating Sites*

[Mr] Kwasiasem
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I am:
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In my own words: am a guy looking for penpals from the whole world specifically women or ladys
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Paulina says: Looking for the Love of your life? Are you after the love of a good/honest/real Ghanaian man? Do not look on *Dating Sites*...... You have been warned...

Note, if you leave the comforts of your warm cosy home in London, NYC, Ottawa or wherever to meet a man called Kwasiasem in Ghana ---out of desperation or loneliness or whatever --especially when the kwasia man in question has made it very clear that he is major *kwasia-sem* -and is only looking for, "penpals from the whole world specifically women or ladys" --not friendship, companionship, love, or your happiness etc etc --please don't complain. And certainly, don't tie all Ghanaian men by the same kwasia brush --they have enough issues without you adding scamming-lonely-heart-ers to the list ---just saying.

Some advice ---note, his *blatant* name (people must google the meaning of names/words when they stumble upon names and words in foreign language -especially if the language is foreign to themselves etc etc) --but the man was tooooooooooo lazy to even give the intended-sss -a paragraph or two about himself........  If you are a grown woman getting duped by young men in Ghana in search of love ---its your own fault -sorry.

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