Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Good News: Missing Sudanese model Atuai Deng is found in a NYC Hospital --

Paulina says: God is good!!!!! You know.......I think that sometimes people forget that even beautiful people -models et al deal with everyday things, be it the loss of a dream, heartache, rejection, mental health issues, war, sadness or whatever... And they also have the right to heal from it, or get to a place of self love or whatever...

I feel that regardless of whatever took the ever beautiful Atuai Deng to hospital, she will know today -----that God loves her, the world loves her -even a crazy single mother blogging away in north-west London loves her ---and she will draw strength from it.

I now can't wait to see Atuai Deng back on the catwalk ----I would *pay* good money see that show. God Bless you Atuai..xxx

Anywaysssssssssss you can read more about the latest Atuai news about via:

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