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A Must Watch: Voltic Ghana....................


"Quality in a Bottle. Documented, Authenticated and Certified. Bringing together nature's richest resource and man's superior expertise, to produce the highest standards in purity, taste and natural refreshment. Voltic... Filtered by nature, bottled at source." Voltic Ghana

Title: Voltic Ghana appoints Philip Redman as General Manager

Voltic (GH) Limited, producers of Voltic Natural Mineral Water, has appointed Mr. Philip Redman as General Manager in charge of operations. Phil joined SABMiller (Plc), Voltic’s parent company, in 2012 initially in charge of innovation and he was later promoted to Senior Portfolio Strategy Manager.

He worked closely with a number of the SABMiller businesses across Africa to develop portfolio and category strategies that will support the growth of these businesses for the next 5 years.

Prior to SABMiller, Phil was the Strategic Marketing Director at Honeywell (ED&S), a world class manufacturing organisation.

As a strategist, he brings on board a vast experience in the African markets from his work across Zimbabwe, Botswana, Tanzania, South Africa and Nigeria.

His in-depth knowledge and understanding of business growth strategies as well as his expertise in leadership with manufacturing organisations will also be incredibly valuable to Voltic (GH) Limited.

A statement signed by the Managing Director of Voltic, Mr. Gregory Metcalf noted that “Voltic continues to perform well as the market leader in Natural Mineral Water category. We have recognised that Voltic’s continued growth and increasing sophistication have brought about the need for more direct and focused leadership. In Philip Redman we are delighted to have secured a leader with a great track record. We are confident that under Phil’s guidance Voltic will achieve even greater heights and remain the Natural Mineral Water brand of choice by Ghana’s discerning consumers.”

Philip Redman holds an MBA from the London Business School and a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Bristol, UK. He is also a keen cook, an ardent rugby player and has travelled extensively across Africa.
Source: Myjoyonline.com

Source: http://accracitytimes.com/2014/04/24/voltic-ghana-appoints-philip-redman-as-general-manager/

Paulina says; I wonder if Ghana's about to see a big PR/marketing drive from Voltic Ghana as their competitors up-their-game[see past post]????

Whatever the appointment of Philip Redman as General Manager means --as Fela Kuti [I think] said, -water doesn't have enemies.....and we all love good clean water -don't we???

Still.........I wonder if these bottle water companies in Ghana make provisions to collect said plastic bottles back ----

Anywaysss, Ghana Rising will be watching what this appointment means for the *clean* bottle water industry in Ghana...

Will this be the beginning's of a water war? I guess, we'll have to wait and see... For more info visit: http://www.volticghana.com/


P.s I've had to fight for the contact info as it pertains to Voltic Water Ghana -this morning!!! To be honest, I tend to leave stories where I can't find contact information!!!!

The thing is...........I'm no longer shocked when I can't find contact details for businesses in Ghana ---as most businesses are below par, lacking imagination and are content to sell only to their family and friends (sooo ordinary, soo true). But for a mega [professional] company like Voltic Water Ghana, or is it Voltic Natural Mineral Water, or Voltic Water Limited, or Water Voltic or whatever -to not have it website (its under construction) or its *real/official* Facebook fan page not pop-up first in any search engine --is unacceptable. Thus, I'm guessing that's why Philip Redman has been promoted to General Manager ------well, he has his work cut out!!!!!

Still ----if he reads my aforementioned comments -----he'll know to start with their website and FB page.

Note, I stumbled across two other Voltic Facebook fan pages before I came across their real authentic FB fan page -can you imagine??????????

If I was a customer looking to buy **real*** fresh bottled water in Ghana -I would have given up and gone to their competitor or like Accra's most fashionable are now doing, --shipping in artisan water --you know the ones...................

Anyway, they better be grateful that ***Kwasia-for-Ghana-number-one*** has enlightened the world with their real contact details.... Maybe they can start by sending my daddy [EL, Accra] a batch of their best (laughter)...

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