Saturday, 9 August 2014

Luxe Beauty News: L'oreal Africa Launches New Body Lotion Creme 6 Oils in Ghana....

"Dark and Lovely Crème 6 Oils, combines 6 natural oils with unique properties, which work together to give Africans the much needed flawless skin." Dark and Lovely

"The new Creme 6 oils contains Coconut Oil which helps with dryness,Jojoba oil which helps with ashy looks,Apricot oil which helps with tightness of the skin,Sweet Almond oil which helps with dullness of the skin, avocado oil which deals with uneven skin and Shea butter oil which nourishes the skin with Vitamins A,E and F. If you want to get back the skin you were born with, Give Creme 6 a try." Dark and Lovely

Dated: 8th August 2014

Dark and Lovely has introduced a new brand of body lotion onto the Ghanaian market to help solve the numerous skin problems which prevent people from enjoying the natural skin they were born with.

The new product Dark & Lovely Crème 6 oils is a multi-active formula which combines six natural oils to help combat the six most common imperfections affecting the African skin.

Brands Manager of L’oreal Africa, Mother Company of Dark & Lovely Richard Kumassah said the introduction of the new body lotion was borne out of the company’s desire to provide solutions to common skin conditions its customers are plagued with.

“After extensively researching in African skin and the market, we were determined to provide a solution to the common skin imperfections affecting our customers”.

He said that every African woman deserved to have beautiful skin and therefore “we sought to develop a product that could recover and preserve the skin, and ultimately return it to its healthy and beautiful origin”.

Dark and Lovely is part of the L'Oreal group, a beauty company which has devoted itself to beauty for over 105 years. Its new campaign “sharing beauty with all seeks to research and innovate new products to conquer skin problems.

The new Dark & Lovely Crème 6 oils body lotion he says, will make it very simple for women to get back the flawless skin they were born with.

One of Ghana’s rising film stars, TV presenter and Brand Ambassador of Dark and Lovely, Ama K. Abebrese noted that even though the black skin was a beautiful one “ the smallest imperfection can compromise our skin’s original beauty”.

She said adding coconut oil and shea butter to her to her body lotion to ensure her skin stays hydrated and moisturized throughout the day has now become a thing of the past since her discovery of the Crème 6 Oils.

The actress who is also vocal about the need for women to keep their natural skin colour hopes people will use the new product adding it has good oils that will not harm the skin.

Dermatologist Dr. Claudia Donkor said the various oils used in the manufacture of the Crème 6 Oils are able to solve the various skin problems associated with the African skin that both men and women struggle with.

She advised that in purchasing lotions for use on the skin close attention must be paid to content used in the manufacture of the lotion before using it.

She urged men to be more cautious about the way they treat their skin and advised them to use the Crème 6 Oils for a smoother and even skin


Paulina says: I know some are wondering why actress Ama K. Abebrese is the *Brand Ambassador* of Dark and Lovely -I will reserve my judgement,  -only I feel....its important to state that in Ghana -its really all about who you know sooo I'm not surprised that Ama K is the figure head!!!

What I do wanna know is...................who/whom is looking after uber beauty giant L'Oreal group's PR in our sweet homeland Ghana.....because I truly can't believe that my insider friends -Accra socialite one and two didn't get an invite to this event -and they are mos def in the top ten list of Ghana's glowing Glitterati for all invites haute and happening in the GH.

I wonder, --is it because certain people don't go to certain events if they are not team *Brand Ambassador* -because for me, when it comes to such matters ---its always about the good of Ghana or the brand or the services...not just those you know or are getting along with -tacky me thinks...

This event should have been the perfect venture for L'Oreal /Dark & Lovely Ghana ---to put Ghana on the luxury beauty map!!!

This should have been an elegant must-go-to event for the truly fashionable in Ghana.. This event should have garnered yummy photos, loads of images of le beautiful, movers & shakers of Ghana, Accra's chichi style elite, images of their goody bags, lush interiors --lush decorations etc --on show for PRs, Bloggers and Media Houses from around the globe ---to celebrate said event, --instead it looked and felt local and ordinary.....

Also, where were press releases, ----only, the few people who seem to have covered said event in Ghana -are all gossip websites and the truth is --L'Oreal is high-end folks... OK there was one descent newspaper that did cover said event --but really....this is not good enough -because when the folks in Nigeria are doing their *thing* they head to the likes of uber professional Bukky Karibi-Whyte's PR agency -Bobby Taylor Company --and even I hear about their events in London!!!!

Also ---where were all the fashionable girls and boys of Accra?? Where were the likes of: Deborah Vanessa Owusu-Bonsu, make-up artist -Maame Asiedu, fashion designer Bertha Owusu and Sandra Ankobiah et al???

Where were Ghana's beauty icons like: Agnes Ntow, Lady J, Yvonne Nelson, Efua Oseema Chidiac, Virna Michel [actor Majid Michel's beautiful wife], Esi Quainua Benyarku, Felivian Adombila Ayariga and Nicky Samonas to name a few!!!!

Where were the society mavens of Accra -the likes of: Dzigbordi Kwaku Dosoo, Edwina Coussey Banda, Florence Cheremeh, Juliette Mills-Lutterodt, Constance Swaniker, Sacha Okoh, Doris Osebre Secchi and Victoria Michaels to name a few???

I would advise the brand manager of L'Oreal Ghana ---to employ a professional team of PRs and make a list of all the movers & shakers of Ghana -so that their next event -can be a real event worth writing about. The thing is..... by now, beauty bloggers should have been blogging about this event --but no, there's nothing...

Will they also ---at least think about getting a L'Oreal Ghana Facebook fan page? I know they have a Dark & Lovely Facebook page [] ---but a L'Oreal Facebook fan page would be fabulous...

P.s --Sorry but I couldn't find any lovely photos of said event.. --The above photos come courtesy of Dark & Lovely Ghana FB fan page...



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