Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Business To Watch: Bel~Aqua Mineral Water......

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"Bel~Aqua bottled mineral water is purified through 14 stages which makes the water you drink completely safe." BEL~AQUA.

"Bel~Aqua is currently the only bottled water in Ghana with a pH value b/w 7.5- 7.8 making it ALKALINE BASED and not acidic." BEL~AQUA.
"You can find “Bel~Aqua” mineral water at all Super Markets, Marts, Filling Stations, Distributors, and Retailers throughout Ghana." BEL~AQUA

Paulina says: Bel~Aqua is uber new to La Ghana Rising Blog. A major employer --Bel~Aqua is a professional business that puts quality above all else and employs over 300 plus folks at it s plant in Kpone, Tema Accra Ghana...

As we all know, water is the source of life, and clean water is very important for our health, and the folks at Bel~Aqua take this responsibilities very seriously  ---and care about the quality& safety of their water, -testing their water at every stage -14 in total. 

I'm excited about Bel~Aqua and feels that they are about to go stellar, and expand and go to next level --and Ghana Rising Blog is watching...and will keep you posted. For more info visit: http://www.belaqua.com.gh/

More Info
Taste of Purity -It took the management of BLOW-CHEM over a year to come out with BEL~AQUA. Knowing the essence of water to a healthy life, we did not want to produce just ordinary bottled water; we wanted to be several steps ahead in terms of quality.

We communicated with water giants all over the world to gain a deep understanding of the most advanced water treatment technology, equipment, and bottling processes. We flew down consultants who were ex-employees of Nestle Pure Life Water to ensure the entire plant was setup with world class standards.

We learnt that in some regions of the world, there may be a lack of natural underground water or simply a lack of good quality water in sufficient quantities. In order to provide superior quality drinking water to local consumers, Bel Aqua uses municipal water as its primary source at Kpone, Ghana. According to National Testing Laboratories in the U.S., our source water from Kpone is already extremely good drinking water and requires only few filters but we didn’t want to take any chances.

We setup an entire 14 stage advanced treatment plant. This water is processed through a series of filtration (reverse osmosis and carbon filtration in order to remove any chemicals that may be present, like chlorine) and physical purification treatments (microfiltration, activated carbon filters, sand filter, ultraviolet light, and ozonation). Once it has been purified to meet very high standards, we then add natural minerals back into the water to enhance them with essential nutrients - calcium, magnesium, and bicarbonates.

So there you have it – through teamwork, extensive research, and millions of dollars in setup, Bel~Aqua Mineral Water is pure bottled water that is enhanced with natural minerals to give a crisp taste. A refreshing water perfect for those with a healthy thirst for life!

More Info
Blow-Chem, producers of Bel Aqua Mineral Water, has invested $2,300,000 in infrastructure to position the product as bottled water of choice both in terms of competitive pricing and quality.

“Water is essential for life; it is at the core of nutrition and, therefore, health. Bel Aqua Water has developed an outstanding expertise in bottled water. This expertise extends from quality preservation to knowledge on its health benefits to making different formats available that respond to the different hydration needs of consumers,” the company said.

During a visit to the plant, Mr Manoj J. Lakhiani, the Chairman of the company, told the Daily Graphic that  “it took the management of Blow-Chem a year to come out with Bel Aqua because we didn’t want to produce an ordinary bottled water as we know the essence of water to a healthy life; we wanted to be one step ahead in terms of quality, which we have done through teamwork and thorough research.”

In that regard, he said, the company had so far spent over $50,000 on equipment made up of highly sophisticated machines/facilities for its laboratory.

 The company said for  Bel Aqua,  quality could not only rely on the original quality of the water.
“ Throughout the entire production chain, from packaging to the finished product, every step is checked by a battery of tests to guarantee that it [the water] conforms to the highest standards before it is sent off to consumers. Our production plant has its own laboratory, which allows them [the workers] to carry out rigorous tests regularly.”

“According to National Testing Laboratories in the U.S. our source water from Kpong is already extremely good drinking water and requires only few filters but we didn’t want to take any chances and went with an entire 14 stages of treatment,”he said.

The  water is processed through a series of filtration and physical purification treatments and  once it has been purified to meet the required standards, minerals are added to the water to meet the local population’s taste expectations and essential nutrients. Bel Aqua also is an alkaline-based water which is very good for the body. It has also been approved by the Food and Drugs Board (FDB).

Mr Lakhiani assured the public that the Bel Aqua bottled water had been developed with great spirit and devotion to attain  the best of quality water for the Ghanaian market. 

He said the company was aware of the competition but stated that there was room in the expanding Ghanaian economy for more business to create wealth and jobs.

Currently, Mr Lakhiani said, the company had employed about 300 people and that more people would be recruited to support the economy.   
Source: http://www.belaqua.com.gh/viewdata3fd6.html?nwid=20


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