Sunday, 17 March 2013

Actress Tonto Dikeh reveals her true thoughts towards Ghanaians…..

“Somtimz I wonda Y most Ghanians alwaz loks 4 we Nigerians trouble gosh.” “@samini_dagaati HEY hold it rit dere! cuz if u think abt startin drama here on twitter beliv me am ready to bring it to ur door stepOK #POKO,”Tonto Dikeh!!!

Paulina Opoku-Gyimah says: I stumbled upon the above statement by Tonto Dikeh via the High Street Mail website and honestly …it makes me sick!!! Not only ugly, uber xenophobic and very revealing, -but the statement says sooo much about said actresses, her true feelings towards Ghanaians –and who she really is –right now!!!

I don’t know….. but that demonic ‘thing’ (as far as I’m concerned its spiritual) that some Nigerians and I’ll say it again, ---some (the uneducated, non-God fearing, inferior, uber xenophobic, demon possessed few) have towards Ghana/Ghanaians --has raised its ugly head again!!!

I don’t know why, but not a day goes by without someone vomiting one piece of hatred or another towards Ghana/Ghanaians and I’m truly shocked that this time it’s coming from Nigerian actress Tonto Dikeh!!!

I am shocked and disgusted that someone in such position should, even if she hates Ghanaians with ‘perfect hatred’ dare to voice her ‘vomit’ in public –and on behalf musicians P Squared.

What is it with this need to always dig/jab/comment or whatever %&*@ at Ghana/Ghanaians??

I really want to know!!! Because Nigerians are Africa’s most populous country --and we, one of its smallest, but still we Ghanaians can’t do, say, invent, advance, be beautiful, too dark, tooo light we must be mixed, tooo fashionable or win without one vomitus dig or the other from ‘some’  Nigerians!!! What is it? What do you think it is??

I have on the odd occasion stumbled upon one website or another that allegedly celebrates African people/celebrities/artists by Nigerians and its shocking –the amount of anti-Ghanaian/ anti-the-other sentiments that are spewed out on these sites ---and they go unedited??

I can honestly say that I don’t really know of Ghanaians who hate Nigerians and may that never change, --because if we Ghanaians still fear God and want him to Bless us –we must never go down that road!!!!

From the little that I know, the Ten Commandments were beautiful condensed into two very powerful Commandments:   

First, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.

”And secondly, “Love your neighbour as yourself.' And there is “no commandment greater than these."

The thing is… many do not love their neighbours!!!

Whilst I’m typing this I’m checking myself paaaa. Because it’s so easy when one reads comments like those made by said actress to attack back!!!

Its soo easy to sit there and think/talk about all the rubbish that’s perceived as Nigerian or whatever but I refuse to HATE!!!

I refuse to hate anyone or any nation and I refuse to go to hell for anyone or any nation!!!  And even though …..we Ghanaians aren’t perfect, I still think it’s anti-Ghanaian to have this KIND OF HATE!!!

 We are sooo much better than that. And just as we will never name a bag, “Nigeria Must Go” and incur the wrath of God, –we must not entertain this actress’ comments (only I’m sick and tired of what I term as vomit or anti-Ghanaian hatred)…

With regards to the what actually prompted said actress to respond as she did ---I agree with Samini!!!  It doesn’t take a stone to realize that P-Square's “hit song and dance Alingo” bares much “resemblance with Azonto” ---but then the truth is sooooo hard to accept for some!!!

Honestly…what’s the big deal in accepting that said group copied Azonto… -something that the world recognises as Ghanaian????

I’m saddened by the ugliness of Tonto Dikeh’s comments!!! The” bring it to your door step” ……dot, dot, dot has truly exposed said actress’ inner workings and I’m shocked!!!!!!!!

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