Monday, 25 March 2013

Health of The Nation: Bills Gates is in Ghana….

Uber billionaire philanthropist Bills Gates is in Ghana –right now!!! I don’t how long he’s staying in Ghana, –but I’m guessing with his private jet, he can whizz in and out in a flash!!

Anyway, Bills Gates’ in Ghana to, “learn more about the amazing progress this country has made” with regards to, “what makes Ghana’s immunization approach work so well” and to, “ Rigorous data gathering, accountability & community outreach.”

I truly hope this trip will touch Bills Gates and that ---Ghana will see more of this man. And also pray that some of his philanthropic spirit will rub off on Ghana’s rich (who I’m sure are all vying to meet him as I type -mercy)…. Do follow Bills Gates’ trip to Ghana via his twitter a/c at:


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